A Perfect Guide That Will Help You to Know About Solution Architecture


According to a survey, it has been found that around 49% of companies have failed in completing their projects. Due to improper resources and everything, people are facing this problem. From the past 12 months, this has been a major issue of engineering companies.

Day by the day, everything is changing. Due to these changes companies need to change their process and systems also. This will further help them out in meeting the requirements of business properly. Therefore, this digital transformation has good expertise.

In this article, we will discuss the solution architecture, its role. We will also help you out in knowing how these practices help people in solving business-related problems.

What do you understand by solution architecture? OR What is solution architecture?

Solution architecture can be defined as designing, describing and managing the solution engineering in relation to other business problems. Solution architecture is a practice in which lists of most important practices. Therefore, these are the help of the practice in the execution of any tech solution department.

What do you understand by a solution architect?

A solution architect is a person who checks all the leading practices. These architects also help in introducing the overall technical vision for specific problems. This is what we refer to a solution architect.

The practices can easily be managed in- the house also. Because there are so many companies that provide solution architecture consulting. Therefore, they also help people to know these solutions in a specific set of services.

Now, we will discuss the differences between solution architect, enterprise architect and technical architect. Have a look down below to know properly about all this.

  1. Enterprise Architecture:

First of all, we will discuss the enterprise architect.

An enterprise architect is mainly covered in a dedicated article. In simple words, enterprise architect focuses on building complex, enterprise ecosystems and helps in solving high-level issues. This is an architecture that helps in defining the strategic directions of business. This will further help people in understanding what the facilities that are needed by this architecture are.

This is all that tells us about Enterprise architecture. Now, we will discuss solution architecture. Have a look down below:

  1. Solution Architecture:

Solution architecture is a complex process in which there are so many sub-processes. Therefore, these are the processes that bridge the gaps between business problems and other technical issues. The things that this architecture encompasses are here. Have a look:

  1. The solution architecture helps in finding the solutions for all possible problems that come in the business. It is very much helpful in solving all the business problems.
  2. It also describes the structures, characteristics, behavior and other aspects to the stakeholders.
  3. Helps in defining the features, phases and all other solution requirements.
  4. It also provides specifications according to which the solution is defined, managed and delivered.

3. Technical Architecture:

This is the architecture that we mainly do for technical and engineering problems. It also helps in managing software architecture.

This is all that tells us about the difference between all the different types of engineering.

What are the processes that this solution architecture cover?

Some of the processes that these architecture covers are here. Let’s read about these carefully.

  1. Helps in matching solutions with the cooperative environment.

All the companies are having different types of systems, information context, and other integration requirements. It also ensures that it will properly fit the environment of the business. Therefore, to perform this task the architect should know all the parts of the business model work.

  1. Meeting the requirements of stakeholders.

This is one of the most important and tough tasks. The architecture should meet all the requirements of the stakeholders. There are so many stakeholders for a product. There are both technical and non-technical holders. Therefore, the stakeholders are to be informed about each and everything on a regular basis.

  1. Accounting the project constraints.

Each and every project have limitations. These limitations are here. Have a look at these limitations:

Technologies, Risk, Scope, Cost, Quality, Time and Resources. These are the limitations of different types of projects.

Why is there a need for consulting solution architecture?

There are so many reasons that say consulting the solution architecture is very much important. Have a look at these points:

  1. When you don’t know about the things that suit best to your business. In this type of cases consulting the solution, architecture is very much important.
  2. When you are there to run a digital transformation project then also you need consultants. There are so many cases that make you consult the architecture of solutions.
  3. Consultation is very much important as because without consultation you can face so many risks.
  4. Setting up communication between stack holders and engineers is very much important. So, to make communication consultation is very much important.

These are the points that say consultation is very much important. 

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