Video Viral : IAF Hero Abhinandan Varthaman Shows the Courage, Dignity and Pride After Caught by Pakistan Army

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The External Affairs Ministry of India says one of the IAF pilots is missing. Is the Pilot in the custody of Pakistan? Pakistan says: ‘ It has arrested 2 pilots from India’. Let’s know the details revealed so far.

Pakistan released a video to support the same where a soldier has been dragged in the jungle without any mask or any kind of blindfold. On asking the details the pilot just reveals the name ‘Abhinandan Varthaman’ and said he is Hindu. The soldier in the video stood brave and did not answer any of the undesired questions continuously asked by Pakistan army.

The Indian officials have not yet confirmed the name of MIG-21 pilot. If the pilot in the video is our IAF soldier, we salute the brave man.

Viral Video

The tension between India and Pakistan continues to increase after Surgical strike 2.0 wherein India attacked a terror camp in Pakistan and almost 350 terrorists died. The event took place on 26 February 2019, Tuesday and its counter effects continue to reciprocate on Wednesday 27 February 2019.

Highlights of 27 February on India Pakistan Jammu & Kashmir Border:

  • 2 Pakistan jet enters India by crossing LOC and were shot by the Indian Air force.
  • In the reciprocation, India has lost one of its jet MIG-21 and the pilot is missing.
  • After the incident, Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan claims to have 2 Indian pilots with them. By evening they denied the confirmation and said they have only one pilot in their custody.
  • Now, Imran Khan says he wants to sit and talk about terrorism and doesn’t need the situation of war.

Pakistan strikes early in the morning and by evening talks about a peaceful meet with India. Early in the morning, Pakistan who claims to clutch two Indian pilots changes it to one in the evening.

Indian officials just do not know where is actually the pilot of the jet MIG-21. In the process, the ministry of external affairs of India asks to release the pilot if Pakistan has actually put the brave IAF officer in the custody.

Viral Video

Final Words:

The situation of high alerts has been announced across both the borders. In India, the 8 Airports that had been ceased in the morning are yet under the state of emergency. Though some of the airports have resumed their operations. Most of the areas and not just the airports around the Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab borders are vacant of civilians. The situation is still critical and it may lead to initiation of war as continuous trial attacks from Pakistan are not the signs of peace.

The officials in Pakistan keep on changing their statement.

However, All we care about is our brave IAF Pilot. We wish to get him back to our country safe and secured.

 Stay Tuned for latest happenings on Surgical strike 2.0 and the reciprocation. What is truth and what a rumour? We will keep you updated.

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