Surgical Strike 2.0: IAF Smashes The Terror Camps Using 1000 Kg Laser-Guided Explosives

Nick Clair


The terrifying Pulwama terror attack on India on 14 February 2019 is well answered by Indian Air Force on Tuesday 26 Feb 2019. It was 3:30 in the dawn when the Indian Air Force Dropped 1000 kg bombs guided by laser technology across terror camps on the LOC.

The attack destroyed the terrorist camp completely. As per the sources, 300 out of 400 terrorists died on the spot. This is what was exactly planned for the strike and Congratulations to brave IAF soldiers for the successful accomplishment of the mission.

Details of the Surgical Strike 2.0:

The Surgical Strike 2.0 was well planned for the revenge of the terrorist attack on CRPF that killed 40 soldiers of India. On the Tuesday morning, Twelve Indian Force Mirage – 2000 jets crossed the LOC and destroyed the camps sheltered in Jaish -e-Mohammed, Balakot. It took two weeks to plan a counter strike for the great loss suffered by India. But it was a foolproof mission that accomplished successfully.

There are no comments and replies from higher Indian Air force officials till now and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is still heading the meeting with the authorities. It is expected the news will be initialized by the Indian Government.

Steps Taken to Ensure Indian Security:

Indian Government is well aware of the facts the terrorist from Pakistan may not head back and plan the counter-attack. But the local Indian Governments sharing the border with Pakistan are already on high alert.

  • Needless to say Jammu and Kashmir, that is already on high alert since the Pulwama attack.
  • Today, the Punjab Government after the attack has set high alerts on the Wagah Border. Around 6 to 7 JeM terrorists, are planning to enter Delhi through the Punjab border. Even the police in Punjab is on high alert as the letter has been officially sent to all police stations.

Present Situation in the Country:

Each and every Indian feel highly satisfied with the action taken by the Indian Government. Be it a common man or the politician’s everyone congratulates the Government and is proud of IAF. India is known to follow no first attack policy. Has never attacked Pakistan unless until Pakistan starts with an inhuman and undesired attack. Each and every Indian cried deep at heart for the loss of CRPF soldiers. All wanted justice for the loss.

Let us have a look at the different Tweets from famous Indian Politicians:

Rahul Gandhi Tweets:

“I Salute the Pilots of IAF”.

Arvind Kejriwal Tweets:

“I salute the bravery of Indian Air Force pilots who have made us proud by striking terror targets in Pakistan”.

Even Bollywood stars feel happy and show gratitude through the tweets.

Ajay Devgan Says:

“Mess with the best, die like the rest. Salute #IndianAirForce.

Paresh Rawal tweets:


Stay Tuned for more updates on Pulwama attack and Surgical Strike 2.0. Jai Hind.

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