3 Soldiers injured in Jammu and Kashmir whereas terrorist dead in an encounter


In between the high and increasing tensions between India and China, we have got to know that one terrorist has been killed in the encounter. The encounter of terrorists was done in Jammu Kashmir, Kulgam. Along with the encounter, it has been found that three soldiers have also been injured in the fire taking place in the Arrah area of south Kashmir.

No one knows how critical this year has become first the COVID virus, then cyclone formation in both the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal, then Locust attack, India-China tensions, and many more. Along with all this, the problems with terrorists and Pakistan are still in continuity. Moreover, the information had come out that one other terrorist is there upheld in the area. According to police, the soldiers are still coming out with operations to kill that terrorist. Ergo, the force police are still searching and on the patrolling operation, however, and unknown and unidentified terrorists killed but still there are many more other terrorists in the area, according to the updates.

Probing further, one blog post had come out with updates that security forces launched a cordon and search operation in Sirnoo valley on Saturday morning and one terrorist was encountered. But now the security has been increased because there are more terrorists in that area according to the updates from officials. No more details have yet come out, people are waiting to know more about it.

Just stay connected to have details on the encounter of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. #Good wishes for the speedy recovery of the injured soldiers #Operations going in the Sirnoo Valley.  

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