Gmail users in India facing some issues with attachments and log-in details


Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Other Google Services Down Globally

Recently, on 20th August 2020, it has been noted that Gmail and Google Drive are facing some issues. The issues are not only happening in India but some other countries are also facing it, including Japan as well. Let’s have deep discussions on this topic.

Gmail recently suffered an outage for so many users in India as well as in some other countries. Gmail is facing some issues with attachments and logs in, as per the information from users. People claim that while trying to upload files on Gmail and Google Drives they found encountered glitches. Both Gmail and Google Drives are owned by Google services. But the reasons for this issue are unknown yet.

According to Down Detector, the issues of Google Drive and Gmail are not only in India. But were happening in some other countries too like Japan, Canada, Australia and many more. Moreover, it was also claimed that Google Drive users are also not able to download things down. While trying to attach files or documents for sending, Google in its status page acknowledged the issue. Furthermore, it gave a message to the users that we are investigating the issues and will provide more information later on.

Probing further, the technology giant says that we are continuing to investigate the issue. Further, we will give the users update at around 1:30 P.M. detailing how to resolve this problem. Till the information comes out, people should stay calm. This attachment problems on Google are from the morning only. People are saying that even if the files get fully upload, then also Gmail is facing issues in sending. Gmail is coming out with a message that you need to check your network before sending it. Therefore, this is not a good time when the emailing service and drive is suffering a global outage. Hence, due to the pandemic situation and social distancing norms, people are working remotely.

Google is constantly working on this issue, users will have to wait for a while. As soon as the information comes out people all across the globe will be informed about this. Lastly, we would like to say the users to keep calm as many of the countries are facing this issue.

Hence, come in touch with us to have more information.

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