Four Hookah Bars in Chandigarh Have Been Banned; Much More Are on the Waitlist

Nick Clair

First Hookah banned in Delhi and now Chandigarh!  Four Hookah Bar have been banned by Chandigarh department which was dealing with nicotine. Under the Poison Act 1919 selling of nicotine is prohibited and owing to this act Hookah bar in the city has been sealed. As per media reports letter has been posted to Chandigarh Station House Officers ordering them to take serious proceedings in terms of these against the law bars on account of Poison act 1919. This Poison Act 1919 act states that selling nicotine as well as nicotine products in India is not in favor of the law and which ought to be stopped.

To go after the orders specified by the department, the officers have been scrapping all the way through Chandigarh hookah bars in each and every corner. And as per the latest reports, four Hookah bars have been sealed as well as banned by the department for one year.

As per the Poison Act, 1919 selling of nicotine and nicotine products is against the law in India and owing to this Chandigarh officers have been raiding Hookah bars in the whole city.  In recent times four Hookah bars have been stopped up in addition to five Hookah bars are on the waiting list which is beneath the test results which have to be declared soon.

STCC, i.e. State Tobacco Control Cell has been continuously carrying out raids in loads of Hookah bars in the city. Four Hookah bars that are sealed in Chandigarh were to be found in Sector 26 and which was found containing nicotine content in it as per the reports of the samples taken by STCC.

As per the most up-to-date reports raids at a lot of other Chandigarh, bars have also been carried out, and the sample has already been taken from those to make sure regarding the nicotine content. According to STCC, if the test results come out to be positive from these tests then strict proceedings will be taken aligned with these Chandigarh Bars. STCC officials claimed that Chandigarh has a zero tolerance for Tobacco especially nicotine and so strict actions will be made aligned with the breach of the law. As of the past one-year STCC department in Chandigarh has been investigating in addition to working hard on the matter of nicotine and trying to make Chandigarh a nicotine free city.


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