New guidelines issued by Maharashtra government for travelers


As per the reports, the government of Maharashtra has issued out some guidelines on November 23rd, 2020 for the travelers. These new guidelines are specially for the travelers traveling down in the state from Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, Gujrat, Goa. all the new guidelines are for travelers traveling via air, road, or by train. If you are having an interest in knowing about this latest news then you will have to read the article carefully till the end. This is because all the information regarding the guidelines is mentioned down in this article, let’s start:

Reports say that all domestic air travelers entering from the above mentioned four states need to have their COVID test done. In simple words, people traveling from all the above-mentioned states need to undergo RT PCR before boarding any flight into Maharashtra. Only the people with negative reports will be allowed to board the flight. Furthermore, people traveling by trains will also have to produce their COVID certificates before boarding. Or they will have to undergo tests at their boarding stations with their own costs only. But it is very much for people traveling from Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujrat, and Goa to have their COVID certificates.

Probing further, the passengers traveling in flight from Delhi, Rajasthan, Goa, and Gujarat will have to produce their report on landing at Maharastra airport. The COVID certificates produced should show a test 72 hours prior to the scheduled journey, according to the Maharastra government. Whereas the passengers traveling through train will have to show their reports 96 hours prior to the scheduled journey. Through the new guidelines, it is all mentioned that the COVID test is so very necessary for the people from all these three states.

Here are the new guidelines issued by the government.

Domestic Air Travel.

  1. All the passengers will have to show RT-PCR negative test reports before landing and at the time of arrival as well. Airport Authorities are requested to check down each and everything properly as this is for the safety of people only.
  2. RT-PCR negative test report should be 72 hours prior to the scheduled journey.
  3. Passengers not fulfilling the above two points will have to undergo a COVID test. At the airport only that too at their own costs.
  4. Only negative reports person will be allow to travel. All the positive patients will be quarantine and will be treat according to the protocol.


  1. All the passengers before traveling need to show their COVID certificate with negative reports.
  2. The COVID reports need to be 96 hours prior to the scheduled travel. All the passengers not having COVID test will undergo tests at stations only.
  3. Passengers without symptoms will be allow to go house but positive patients will not be allowed.
  4. Hence, the guidelines for railways are very much similar to road travel as well.

To conclude, these guidelines are just for the safety of you and your family only. So, follow them out properly, and it’s much better to stay at home. Because the pandemic is again on the notch. Hence, it is very much recommended for people to stay safe and stay at home only.

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