Delhi bans entry of trucks, contruction activites as air quality is severe


According to the updates, it has been found that the Delhi government has decided to ban the entry of trucks and construction activities. This is because the air quality of Delhi is getting so very severe. Yes, you are haring that correct the air quality is getting low that it can harm down the people if inhaled. So, this is the only reason why the government has decided to ban the entry of trucks and other heavy vehicles for the time being. If you are interested in knowing the full story then have a look at this article. As we are going to provide you details on each and everything.

Recent updates call that the Delhi government has seen that the environment of Delhi is worsening just because of the high pollution and poor air quality. So, to prevent out this problem people will have to help down by reducing the use of vehicles. The doctors are saying that if the pollution will not get reduced then it is going to harm the people on a huge scale. Because the pandemic of COVID is still there and people can be harmed in some other way. So, it is very much better to reduce down the use of vehicles for sometimes in Delhi.

Probing further, the government announced that as we all know the festival of lights that is Diwali is coming soon. The government has requested down people to reduce the use of crackers. And other harmful things because this can increase down the cases of COVID soon after Diwali. However, it is in the hands of people only if they want to live happily. Or are interested in suffering from health problems.  The safety of ours is in hands of us only. So it is very much better for us to ban down the use of such harmful things. Till the time pollution lowers down in Delhi.

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