Water Crisis in Shimla

Nick Clair

Shimla is a harbour for couples and travelers. It is the one of the most visited place in Himachal Pradesh. Due to over tourism, Shimla is facing a massive water scarcity all over the hill town. All the canals in Shimla have dried out this summer, may be due to less snowfall in the last winter and lesser amount of rainfall thereafter.

Shimla crisis is all about:

In a typical case of the consequences of over wielding natural resources, Shimla is now a day facing worst of the worst water catastrophe ever recorded. The accessibility of water from the available resources has been descended to round about 22 million litres per day as compared to normal accessibility of 42 million litres per day. All shops, school, hospitals, hotels and houses are facing the same situation of water crisis. This scarcity has now been starting expanding to small towns at Shimla’s outskirts like Sanjauli and Tara Devi. Some people are deciding for leaving Shimla for the time only but most of the natives are spooling under this crisis and hoping that they will see water soon.

Causes for this water crisis:

The main reason behind this crisis is the occurrence of rising global temperature. Over the few years, Himachal Pradesh is new addition to the list of places in India those have been confronting unreasonable high temperature. The major reason for drying up of Shimla is that it has received less rainfall in last monsoon and roundabout no snowfall in winters. The heavy number of visitors in Shimla during summer has put the pressure on water resources and pushing the town in huge crisis.

From the government side, there is no means yet to extract water from the several big and small rivers those flow through the state.

Who got affected?

The most who are suffering from this crisis are the local residents of Shimla. They habituated of getting water on every second day throughout the year but now the situation is extremely critical, taps are streaming drying for 5 to 7 days at an extend. While on the other side, it is the government buildings and VVIP areas which are continuously getting regular supply of water.

What can be done as a traveller to help?

The most important thing that can be done as traveller is give some time to Shimla for healing, if you are planning to the regions having shortage of water in Shimla then try to cancel them. This would help the water resources to reach to locals of Shimla. People of Shimla need support and this is the only way to help the people.



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