COVID-19 Jeweller turns out to be a vegetable vendor in the Pink city


In the increasing crises of COVID-19, people are finding different ways to earn money and serve their families. From the recent updates, we come to know that a person in Pink city who was a jeweler turned to a vegetable vendor. Ergo, these are the latest updates of Jaipur city.

The jeweler who turned to a vegetable vendor is named as Hukumchand Soni, he has not imagined that such a serious problem can come in his life. Today he has become a vegetable vendor just to earn money for his living and his family. An interview of this jeweler was taken, in that interview, he said that it has been four days, I started selling these vegetables. In addition, he said that this is the only reason that I can survive in this lockdown. Furthermore, he told the media that his shop was not so big that the savings made by that can serve the entire family.

Even after being a jeweler, he was in such serious condition, so think what kind of difficulties poor people are facing in this pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus. It is a request to all the people that they should take a step and help all the needy people. This will help them in having blessings of such needy people only. Even the prime minister of our nation Mr. Narendra Modi has said to make sure that none of the people sleep with hunger and starvation in your place.

Go and help people in this pandemic COVID-19 outbreak.

If you want to have more exciting news, then stay updated without page. #STAY HOME #STAY SAFE.  

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