IAF Pilot Mr. Abinandan Varthaman Returned To Mother Nation India.

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Mr. Abinandan Varthaman: Abinandan Varthaman is the pilot in Indian Air Force. He is the Wing Commander of IAF fighter jet MiG 21. Mr. Abinandan Varthaman hometown is in Tamil Nadu.

Wing Commander Released at Wagah border: Abinandan Varthaman released by the Pak army. At 9:15 p.m., Mr. Abinandan Varthaman entered the mother nation INDIA. Every Indian was in full Josh! All the people were dancing and enjoying the happiness of returning of the IAF wing commander. 

26th February 2019: After the surgical strike 2.0 on 26 February 2019, the Pakistanis were in full anger and they did Shame! Shame! of their President after this surgical strike 2.0 from India. After all this, the Pakistani Air Force took action against Indians. 

27th February 2019: On 27 February 2019, the Pakistani fighter jets crossed the LoC in Rajouri and Poonch. After that, the Pakistani Air force started shooting. IAF team also started firing and then the Indian army shot down a fighter jet of Pakistan F-16. In that retaliatory fire, a fighter jet of India crossed the border and due to some technical issues it stopped working.

Mr. Abinandan Varthaman was flying that fighter jet. Due to the problems in the fighter jet, the Wing commander came down using a parachute. He entered the border of Pak by mistake and due to the technical problems in the fighter jet MiG 21. According to the agencies, the condition of the pilot of MiG 21 was not known. 

28th February 2019: On 28th February 2019, it was confirmed by the reporters that the Wing commander of Indian Air Force is in Pakistan. The Pakistani armed forces torched him a lot. According to the updates, Abinandan Varthaman was having confidential papers but he was so bold that he tore the papers and ate some of them. After that he shot gun in the air, he gave the signal to the Indian Army that he is in Pak.

Then Mr. Abinandan was taken into the custody of the Pak Army. On 29th February 2019, all the UN nations did a meeting on this India Pak situations. 

29th February 2019: On 29th February 2019, a meeting was held between all the UN Nations and there a decision was made. All the UN Nations decided that if Pak will not release the Wing commander in 60 hours’ actions will be taken. After listening to this news, Prime Minister of Pak (Imran Khan) released a video saying that “Abinandan Varthaman will be released tomorrow at the Wagah border.” 

1st March 2019: On 1st March 2019, The Wing commander of IAF, released at the Attari-Wagah Border. People gathered at the Wagah Border to see the Wing commander entering the nation INDIA. All the people danced to celebrate their happiness. No retreat ceremony held on the border of India today. The happiness of people was so high and the josh was on top level. 

Indian people will always stand together even in the hardest situations. 

All credit goes to our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi…!!! JAI HIND!! JAI BARAT MATA!! 

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