CBI Probe orders by Supreme Court for Sushant Singh Rajput’s case


Today, on 19th August 2020, it has been known that Supreme Court has given orders for CBI investigation in suicide case of SSR. Now, all the investigations are going to be done by the CBI department as per the Supreme Court orders. Moreover, the Supreme Court also asks Mumbai police to handover all the evidence to the agency.

Probing further, Supreme Court says that the FIR registered by father of SSR at Patna police station was totally correct. Bihar was constantly asking for CBI investigation in the case of SSR but no orders were coming out from Supreme Court. But today finally, after a gap of 2 months Supreme Court has given orders for CBI investigation. They said that a fair, competent and impartial probe is the need of an hour. Moreover, this is going to help in stopping down the speculation, top court says this.

Sushant Singh Rajput was one of the most talented actor in Mumbai films and died before when his full potential could be realised. Moreover, he was such a pleasing personality that people still can’t believe he did suicide. But now everything will be cleared out properly as the case is now in the hands of CBI. All the family, friends and even the nation wants to know what happened with Sushant Singh or what made him take this drastic step. Ergo, this CBI investigation is going to make soul of Sushant Singh Rajput rest in peace.

Later on, so many celebrities of Bollywood, family members and family friends of SSR posted their tweets on twitter. Every one of them thanked the Supreme Court for giving orders for CBI probe. Each and every one said that this is going to help the family of Sushant in getting justice. Moreover, his soul is also going to rest in peace. Let’s discuss a few tweets of people who were asking for CBI probe in the case of SSR. Have a look to know:

  1. Akshay Kumar says that Supreme Court gives order for CBI investigation in case of SSR. May the truth always prevail and win. #Prayers.
  2. Kangana Ranaut says that Humanity always wins and congratulations to all the people standing for SSR. Thanks and Congrats to every SSR warrior. In addition, she says that this is the first time when I felt strong and amazing. #CBI takes over.
  3. Kriti Sanon says that last two months were very much blurry and restless but now the case is in hands of CBI, so everything is going to come out. Sushant case is a ray of hope that truth will shine. Let’s faith and let the CBI do their work. #CBI for SSR.
  4. Shilpa Shetty says that lauding the Supreme Court in this decision. The power of prayers and so many wishes from the people have come true. Hopefully, the truth is going to come out soon. May justice prevail and his soul rest in peace. #CBI enquiry for Sushant.
  5. Parineeti Chopra also tweets that this is a positive step. Please respect the moment and let the CBI do their investigations. #CBI for SSR #RIP Sushant Singh Rajput. Many more celebrities also tweeted thanking Supreme Court, to know about them check on Twitter.

Get in touch to have regular updates on case of Sushant Singh Rajput. #RIP Sushant #Thanks to Supreme Court for CBI.

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