Blast in a chemical factory in Gujarat, India and 40 workers got injured


The year 2020, is becoming so destructive and confusing, people are facing new problems on a daily basis. In between this COVID pandemic, a chemical factory in Gujarat, India blasted today and around 40 workers got injured in this blast.

Recently, from the updates, we got and information that a chemical factory got blasted today in Gujarat. The explosion at a chemical factory sparked a big fire and more than 40 workers got injured at this plant. The fire control teams have already taken the nearby people to the safer regions because the chemical fire coming out after the blast was very much poisonous, that’s why people were shifted.

According to the updates, it has been known that the industry was based on agrochemicals. Moreover, in the visuals, it was seen that black smoke was rising out from the plant located in the open area. Around 35 to 40 workers were there in the plant at that time and suddenly the boiler of this agrochemical company got exploded. This is an incident that took place in the afternoon and around 40 people got injured, but no worries as because all the injured persons were rushed to the hospitals soon after explode.

The fire has engulfed the whole factory adding the other residents to safer places. Chemical fires are very much dangerous for the health of people and can spread on a wider area that is why people were shifted to safer places. Last month also, a chemical leak n plant of LG Polymers Andhra Pradesh’s, Visakhapatnam district led to the hospitalization of 200 people with more than 11 deaths, and around 1000 people got affected by the gas leak. Therefore, it is requested to the people of Gujarat to stay away from this chemical factory because it can lead to serious problems for people heath.

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