Colombian businessman makes a hospital bed-coffin combo for COVID patients


The pandemic outbreak of COVID has taken the lives of millions of people until now. Ergo, there are so many places where dozens of people are lying on the roads and floors after death, this condition is especially seen in the USA where the patients of COVID are constantly increasing.

In between these disturbing images of dozens of bodies every minute, one businessman Gomez got motivated and designed a COVID special hospital bed that is a bed and coffin combo. The businessman Gomez is from Colombia, he said that we are in quarantine from 2 months but still the outbreak of COVID is not coming under control. The patients are increasing on a daily basis and the pandemic caused is overcrowding the hospitals as well as funeral homes. Additionally, he said that this is the reason why I decided to make this kind of bed. He has clarified that these beds are made out of cardboard and are not much costly. Moreover, he said that these beds are very much useful because these are the combo of bed and coffin.

The designer of this bed Gomez said that the bed is very much useful because it can easily be turned into a coffin in case the COVID positive patient dies. The bed is having metal railings, wheels as well as brakes inclined up and down. Therefore, beds can easily support around 150 kg of weight onto them and are biodegradable as well. Hence the cost of these beds is around $92 to $132.

Probing further, the businessman said that hospitals should buy these kinds of beds because this will help in reducing the contamination to a lower rate. Moreover, they are very much cheap that hospitals can easily have them.  Hence, from the updates it has been found that the businessman Gomez has already spoken to Peru, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States for having these beds. #Hats off to this Colombian businessman Gomez for his excellent work.

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