Dehradun to going to be remained close two days in a week, except essential services


Recent updates, tell us that the capital of Uttrakhand, Dehradun is going to be remained close two days in a week i.e. Saturday and Sunday. These are the updates and decisions by Uttrakhand Chief Minister’s Office.

Only the essential services required by the people are going to remain open on these two days while the whole state will remain closed. These decisions have been taken by the government because the cases of COVID are constantly rising in the state of Dehradun. Therefore, this is a good initiative by the government of Uttrakhand. As per June 4, it has been noted that the state Uttrakhand at present is having more than 1000 cases with 8 deaths. But the active cases in Uttrakhand are around795 while 282 people have recovered from this pandemic outbreak of COVID.

India is trying a lot to get rid of this pandemic outbreak of COVID, but still, we are not able to break this chain up. There are more than 2 lakh cases all around the nation and recoveries are around 1 lakh. All the people will have to stand together and cooperate with the government so that we can break this chain of a pandemic outbreak of coronavirus.

Lastly, we would like to say that Dehradun has decided very well that the state is going to remain closed for Saturday and Sunday. We can just pray to God for saving us from this pandemic outbreak of COVID-19. Stay connected to have more information.

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