Advantages of Using NCERT Books to Study for Board Exams

Nick Clair

NCERT is in short for ‘National Council of Education, Research & Training’. It has managed to be among the most important books that should be possessed by every CBSE / ICSE students including those who plan to sit for competitive exams like NEET & JEE. Is it good enough to provide high scores in the exams? Majority of the reputed schools and coaching institutions strongly recommend their students to study for competitive and school board exams from this book. These books are considered to be stand-alone books and can help students to score above 95% marks in the exams. Still, you may consider going through reference books to improve your knowledge of the domain. Students should avail and practice ncert solutions for class 10 maths to ensure getting 100% marks.

Advantages of NCERT books

  • Most questions that are given in the CBSE board exams are selected from NCERT books. As a matter of fact, you may find about 99% of all questions in the CBSE Exams being given from NCERT books only. This automatically shows its importance for students.
  • It provides in-depth knowledge of different complex subjects. These books are prepared in consultation with several acknowledged teachers and professors to ensure it offers comprehensive knowledge. It is also well known for its clarity on explaining any topic in details irrespective of the student’s intelligence level. It helps students to understand, polish and clear their doubts and basics.
  • These books adhere strictly to the CBSE curriculum. Studying the book thoroughly will enable you to attempt all questions that are given in the exam. This is irrespective of what twisted form the question is given. Such books do offer in-depth learning, thereby providing greater clarity on the different concepts, thus making it useful when answering even difficult questions. Understand that the content present in these books adhere strictly to the CBSE curriculum.
  • There are numerous questions printed at the end of all the chapters. Most of them are in twisted form and commonly asked in the board exam. Solving all these questions is sure to increase your confidence manifolds and allow you to attempt every single question that you get in the exam. The NCERT books also have extra questions such as answer in a single word, match the following, etc. present at the end of the chapters. This is perhaps the section that majority of the students fail to go through or even see or practice. The board tends to twist the questions simply to confuse the students. Those who are not aware of this aspect and have not practiced thoroughly are likely to get caught off-guard, thereby losing potential precious marks.
  • CBSE is known to prescribe its students to follow NCERT books for a long time. Private schools are also requested not to refer to other books available in the market as it will only be waste of precious time on the part of the students when preparing for their exams. Going through other books will only put a burden in their life and make studies harder. It can be safely stated that NCERT books are sufficient enough to get high marks in the board exams. By studying other books, there is simply no need to push your limits unnecessarily only to get tired very fast.
  • These books can clear your concepts and basics very easily and quickly when compared to other reference books. Hence, expert teachers at reputed education portals like Cuemath recommend their students to practice ncert solutions for class 9 maths. NCERT books should be given first preference as it can clear the different concepts easily. But do remember to prepare handy revision notes that can be used during exams for quick review of what you have studied and understood better the tough questions.

NCERT books are written in simple and easy-to-understand language meant for class 10 students. It is for the above reasons that they are highly recommended.

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