What was the incident?

Nick Clair

It was on the 20th July 2020 when Karen radio host was in the limelight owing to her racist comments. “Karen radio host fired” started circulating on the internet like a wildfire. Diana pluss, the host at the radio station was fired from her job in  Hampshire. The news was shocking and it took over the internet in a very short time. Diana pluss is a prominent journalist and she worked as a host in a radio station. She has been fired after a video she recorded of herself berating landscapers on Main Street outside the radio station was posted to Facebook.

The workers didn’t even defend themselves or complained about harassment or racism, they must already be used to it, or afraid of her. There is a difference between forcing your opinion onto others and expressing your opinion to others. We can see in the video that no one had asked her for her opinion, nor was she invited into their conversation. So yes, harassment, assumptions, and that gosh-awful dialect claiming to be the English language were awful. What a vile and unhappy creature she must be to project so much unwarranted hate. The woman was eventually fired from her work because of her obscure and racist comments in the name of free speech.

Rubbishness on the name of free speech

 Free speech doesn’t come into it – the radio station is a private company and has a right to decide what kind of views and behavior they want their brand to be represented by and associated with. It is a commercial decision, not an ideological one. Freedom of speech or not you should never humiliate someone because of their heritage no one is from here as in here the United States of America we all came from somewhere all of our ancestors these are not moments in our times of crisis to humiliate each other -how about expressing love and support for each other.This angry Karen is taking full advantage of these very tumultuous times to breed hatred not freedom of speech.

People nowadays just want to record things with the thought that they can get someone to agree with them. Little do they realize that recorded things can be a double edge sword. We have already seen too many times how people recording things that led to their own ‘demise’, no matter what profession they are in. But, some people just never take a lesson out of it.

Reaction of Netizens

It is whimsical when people say “this is America, speak English “, this is America, speak native American, the true language of America, also people can speak their language if they want, no one has the right to tell anyone to stop speaking their language when they are among family, friends or people from the same country as them, one of the Twitter users has posted “I’m Irish and we have all different nationalities, it doesn’t bother me one bit hearing people talk in their language, as long as everyone communicates with each other with manners and respect that’s all it matters to me, we think its great that there are so many lovely people from all around the world from different countries but I most certain and don’t agree with Americans and their attitude adds people speaking their own language, the true native Americans wouldn’t treat anyone like that,the true owners of America, the true language of America, NATIVE AMERICAN”.

Also, this is America and NO LAW prohibits anyone from speaking another language in public. If you want to speak Polish, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, whatever…it is your freedom and your right! These men are doing Labor that Roofers do, Asphalt and Concrete people do, and it’s predominately done with Hispanic Labor because they know what the hell they are doing. Unlike the Pink Hair dudes, that tear shit down and whine in English. News of Karen radio host fired is going round in the community of USA and people are expressing their disgust over racist comments of the radio host.

This woman does not think what she did was insensitive. That is what is concerning. What right does she have to berate or question ANYONE? Those men were working. They were not committing a crime. Not bothering anyone. Now speaking Spanish is a reason to berate someone? How ignorant is that! Would she tell French, German, Dutch, etc speakers, “This is America, speak English?” Would she be offended? I doubt it. She said this is America but always thought South America was part of America? If anything they’ve been Americans way longer than anyone in her family past and present has always been. We wonder why embodiment Karan complains about people violating their constitutional rights while they are doing exactly that to the people around them. These people lack self-awareness.

It’s a jealousy thing, with some people it is like anything that they don’t understand they get upset about. Because she doesn’t understand what they are saying even though they’re not talking to her she gets jealous and upset because she wants to know what they are talking about. The way Karen commented on workers was awful and it shows her mental instability. That was not freedom of speech. That was a loud and obnoxious racist tirade, berating another human being just for being themselves.

Everyone, just keep speaking loudly and proudly Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Punjabi, English, German, Russian, etc.. any language that you know in public. That is freedom!


In conclusion, it can be referred that having an opinion is NOT a license to harass others about that opinion. Harassment is not protected by the first amendment. Lots and lots of Supreme Court case laws on that issue, and none of it is even a close case up for debate. Your right to free speech doesn’t give you a license to harass me when you exercise it. Likewise, the exercise of your rights is not guaranteed to be consequence-free. People always misunderstand that one. Americans are guaranteed freedom of speech and expression protections from GOVERNMENT interference, not any other ramifications that follow ill-chosen verbal tirades. If you want to be an obnoxious racist in public and harass people not bothering you in any way then you will likely suffer consequences in this modern age.

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