Pointers with an electrical charger tip and keep on charging

Nick Clair

A gasoline driven car is driven by fuel as you might have to stop at the charging station and fill gas. But with the emergence of electric cars opens up a new world when it comes to charging your cars. Hence it is vital to take care of your EV batteries and ensure that the battery would stay for long. The EV charger suppliers in India ensure the optimum quality of the batteries. With a new car, it is bound to provide you with around 250 miles, and after 12 years of service it would be in the range of 150 to 200 miles. A point considering is that EV batteries would degrade over a period of time which might over last the life of your car.

All of us are used to lithium ion batteries in the laptops or cell phones. Some of the charging tips  that relate to them centre around electric cars. Even such batteries are bound to experience some of degradation over a period of time and capacity loss might have an impact on the driving range. But there are handy ways to obtain more from an EV battery with the charging tips of electrical cars

  • Slow down- If you drive slow it is going to conserve the energy from the battery. A fast pace ensures that the battery would drain quickly. In due course of time  if you keep off from an accelerator it is going to increase your battery life.
  • No point in charging to the max- With lithium ion batteries rather than full charge it makes sense to be charging at 80 % capacity. If you are not charging fully there is a scope of regenerative braking to be converting kinetic energy on to usable energy if there exists a lot of space in the battery
  • Storage time- if there is a lot of storage space and if an electric car is sitting in the garage You can leave a car plugged in and set the car at 50 % charge. So it is not going to over charge when you are away.
  • Keep things cool- when you park on a hot day, try to locate a shady spot, as EV charger manufacturers India feel that the batteries are known to possess extreme heat. You can put on charge when it would be parked from draining
  • Searching the route- if driving exceeds the charging capacity you have to be looking for charging options pretty much earlier. On the internet there are various platforms the are various options to consider when it comes  to the search route.

In a nutshell do not resort to deep charging at any point of time. If these batteries would be discharging completely before you discharge, it may have an impact on the overall life of your battery. If the battery levels dip down below 30 %  then  you need to charge it immediately. Do not allow it to go lower than this.

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