What Fashion Trend did “Miami Vice” help make popular?

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What is Miami Vice? What fashion trends it brings with it? What all does it make popular? These few questions need to be closely looked at and should be answered accordingly.

What is “Miami vice”? 

Miami vice is a very popular 1980s American crime drama television series. It is created by Anthony  Yerkovich and the producer of the same is Michael  Mann. The series was produced for NBC. Miami vice stars  Don Johnson as James Sonny Crockett and Phillip Michael  Thomas as Ricardo Rico Tubbs. They both are two police department detectives who work undercover in Miami.  The series was seen running for five seasons on NBC from  1984 to 1989. It was also aired by USA Network in 1988.  The genre of the series is action, crime-drama, neo-noir and mystery thriller. The show drew upon the 1980s new wave culture and is also noted for its integration of contemporary pop and rock music and stylish or styled

visuals. Miami vice is considered the first show to look new and different since colour TV was invented.

From who does fashion influence? 

Don Johnson who was cast as Sony Crockett in the Miami vice series was the main protagonist of the series. He seems to had a great impact on the culture of that time. Fashion was profoundly impacted by the show. The fashion trends introduced by the show are seen to be followed to date. Not only does Sony Crockett but  Ricardo Tubbs who was his sidekick in the show also have a great influence on fashion trends. American television has shown many detective series over the years but the impact that these two had on fashion was shown by none. Sony Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs both had some versatile fashion sense in the show and that left a great impression on the mind of the people. Even though the show is now 30 years old, the fashion sense and all the magnificent style that was worn by these two detectives are very much in trend even in the present days.

Fashion trends that Miami vice brings: 

1. Pastel colours:-

Are you in love with pastel colours? Yes, everyone is.  The trend of pastel colours was started by Miami vice. The colours are the most important aspect of setting up a wardrobe and so the colours need to be chosen wisely. Miami vice doesn’t encourage the use of dark colours which is so in trend even in the present day. The pastel colours never go out of trend and are so beautiful and soothing to the eyes. Pastel colours never miss attracting the attention of everyone around. People prefer to go for gentler and softer shades and pastel colours are just so it. They never miss inspiring hope, dreams and elegance. The fashion of pastel colours seems to be followed for ages.

2. No socks are a trend:-

Yes, you heard it right. The no-socks trend started with the series Miami Vice. The protagonist of the show, the main character, Sony Crockett was never seen wearing socks throughout the show. Even if he

used to wear formal shoes or blazers, he never wore socks beneath them. Miami still seems to follow this fashion trend. But not only in Miami, but this fashion trend is also being seen followed in many parts of

various countries. In today’s world, not wearing socks is a new and cool fashion statement. Men wearing shoes without socks are usually rewarded with a stylishly modern look that makes them look even more confident.

3. V- neck T-shirts:-

Miami vice undoubtedly made this fashion trend most popular. The characters of the show were more often seen wearing V-neck T-shirts underneath jackets and trousers making a new style statement.  The t-shirts are normally tucked into the trouser just as Sony Crockett does in the show. The V-neck T shirts are often worn to look well put together and to give a classy look while looking all casual. It is a  look which seems to be put together effortlessly even though a of effort has been put in.

4. Unique Style Blazers:-

Sony Crockett’s sidekick in the show, Ricardo Tubbs popularized this trend. He used to wear double-breasted, sleek and matched trousers. He styled this by wearing a t-shirt under the blouse and then rolling up the sleeves over the blazer. This fashion trend was very unique and also very stylish to follow. The trend of wearing blazers and styling them in such a manner is very much preferred in the present days too.

5. Shoulder paddles:-

Have you seen shoulder pads? The trend of shoulder pads in jackets, blazers and t-shirts was also much popularized with this show. Almost every piece of clothing showcased on the show had shoulder pads in it. In present times many celebrities are seen wearing shoulder pads. Ciara, Hailey Bieber and  Megan Fox are found wearing shoulder pads which means it is still very much in fashion and is also worn by people. Now and then people are spotted wearing shoulder pads. They are very much in style for summer. For the last 6 years, it is in fashion.

6. Wayfarer shades:-

The most asked question “What fashion trend did  Miami vice make most popular?” The answer to the question is Wayfarer shades. They are a very popular fashion trend. Wayfarer shades are the most fantastic fashion trend on the show. The characters were often seen wearing pastel and wayfarer glasses. Wayfarer shades can be considered one of the most important and spectacular fashion trends of the show.

The very popular question “What fashion trend did  Miami vice make most popular?” is answered in an enormous manner. The show gave in trend many beautiful and stylish trends starting from pastel colours to shoulder pads to wayfarer shades. The fashion showcased in the show still makes a popular fashion statement. People not only in Miami but all over the different parts of the country seem to follow the fashion trends given by this amazing crime drama television series. Fashion trends from  Miami vice seem to go in a long run for many years to come.

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