Five reasons why you need Pendo alternatives?

Nick Clair

Numerous prospects for the expansion of the product may be unlocked by including platforms such as Pendo in your tech stack.It may aid in your comprehension of your users and their behavior, product use and feature uptake analysis, and success-oriented user guidance.However, Pendo is likely not the instrument to do all these things effectively, at least not for your company.Also, if you’re looking for a different option, you’ve arrived at the perfect location.

What is the purpose of pendo?

Businesses utilize Pendo, a powerful platform for product insights and user interaction, to create better products.Pendo is a software company in North Carolina, United States, and Todd Olson founded that.With thousands of consumers, it is a highly well-liked option.

Price Pendo

“Pendo Free” is a free plan offered by Pendo. Pendo alternatives free enables up to 1,000 active users per month for one online and one mobile app. You can only determine if the system works with the product with a thousand users, despite Pendo’s promises that it may be used to evaluate the software and assess its worth.

Pendo has no predetermined cost for more extensive programs.Instead, you may acquire a personalized strategy for your company by contacting their sales staff.However, some Pendo customers have made the specifics of the service’s cost public. For the Pendo basic package, one person claimed to be a moderate firm and spent $12,000 a year, and another customer increased this figure to $20,000 annually. The situation becomes more apparent when you consider that one Pendo user claims to spend $2000 per year simply for the company’s “Guides” function.

Launchpad for Startups

The following criteria must be met to be eligible for Pendo’s particular discount program for product managers of startup businesses:

  • Possessing a mobile and web application
  • It is limiting one’s offerings to two.
  • Employing less than 100 workers

If you’re eligible, receiving the discount from Pendo might be beneficial since its annual charges can be prohibitive for smaller enterprises.However, to be honest, as a business, you have superior choices that provide far more value and are likely considerably less expensive than Pendo’s subsidized programs.

Five Causes That Might Make You Need a Pendo Alternative

With its many capabilities, Pendo may be the tool many companies utilize to elevate their customer experience.However, it can just fall short for many other firms.

Here are five factors encouraging consumers to seek beyond Pendo:

  1. Reasonably Expensive Pricing

It seems reasonable that a robust platform like Pendo would cost more than you’d want. However, its cost is not entirely justified in contrast to other items. Small to medium-sized organizations would find it challenging to afford Pendo because of its five-figure annual bundles.

  1. Complicated Setup and More Complicated Maintenance

For a minimum of one technical person, integrating and maintaining Pendo is an entire task, particularly during the initial setup.More companies are lamenting how difficult it is to set up Pendo correctly and how you may need to dramatically modify the structure of their product. Many consumers have also expressed dissatisfaction that even a slight adjustment to your product might cause Pendo issues that take several hours to correct.

  1. A challenging learning curve

Everyone who intends to use Pendo must be aware of its high learning curve.People from various teams in your company will need to spend a lot of time learning the fundamental functionalities since the user interface isn’t the most intuitive.

  1. Limited analytics capability

Without a doubt, Pendo’s company data are robust.The tool’s functionality, however, might seem quite constrained compared to other product advanced analytics that can readily stretch on Pendo.If analytics is your only area of interest, a tool with similar goals may be better.

  1. Capabilities for User New employee orientation and Guides Are Limited.

Pendo’s Manuals feature enables you to design stunning guides that may increase product engagement, although it is restricted compared to systems that concentrate just on user acquisition.There are many reasons to avoid Pendo, and there are several options you may choose in its instead.

Best Alternatives to Pendo & Competitors

  1. UserGuiding
  2. Amplitude
  3. WalkMe
  4. Appcues
  5. Gainsight PX
  6. Whatfix

You’ve decided to substitute another solution for Pendo to satisfy your objectives for product analysis & user onboarding.

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