Hair Colours for Men – An Insight

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hair colours for men

Hair colouring is used to breathe life into your hair. Natural hair colours tend to become dull after some time. Thus, it is important to add colours to your hair to make it full of depth and dimension.

Now, when it comes to the best hair colours for men, it is essential to note that one must always opt for skin-friendly hair dyes. We all strive to achieve a perfect look and this is possible with the right kind of hair dyes and some simple styles. Men who have sensitive skin need to pay caution while going for hair colouring. Make sure that the hair colours that you are selecting do not have ammonia, sulphates, PPD, etc. Well, there are a lot of hair colours to choose from to stay in trend and set a benchmark for all the men out there! So, let us have a look at them!

Best Hair Colours for Men – Top Hair Shades

Hair colours add vibrance to your dull, tired tresses. They make your hair soft, voluminous, and full of shine. Hair colours are nothing but an additional layer to your tresses that protect your natural hair from environmental factors like dirt, dust, pollution, etc. Hair colours also protect your hair from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Below are the top hair shades that men can try to get a more subtle and manly look. So without further ado, let us begin!

  1. Copper Brown Hair Shade

The warmest and subtlest of all shades is here! Copper brown is a beautiful shade of brown that looks great on people with warm skin tones. It makes your hair look natural while adding warmth to your tresses. This shade will look good on men with curly hair because this shade will bring out the texture of every curl and will give you a detailed look. Thus, if you have olive or yellow undertones, copper brown is the shade for you. Try it now!

  1. White Lightening Hair Shade

As age catches up, your hair starts turning grey. What if we tell you not to dye those hair and style it? Grey is becoming a hair trend that gives you a more mature and handsome look. Yes, it does! Nowadays, people who have black hair, bleach their hair and go for this shade. This shade looks good on men with warm, complexions. Give yourself a classic look with this hair shade.

  1. Dark Blonde Hair Shade

Dark blonde is a shade that gives a natural hue to your hair. In other words, you can enhance your natural hair colour with this shade. This hair colour will look good on men having short hair on the sides and longer on the top section. Blonde is an amazing shade that looks great on light skin/ cool complexion. This shade also goes with dark brown eyes. Thus, improve your overall hair texture and rock every party with this amazing hair shade.

  1. Medium Brown Hair Shade

Some people naturally have this shade. But for those who don’t, it’s time to get your tresses coloured! Medium brown is a versatile shade that complements all skin tones and eye colours. People with a neutral complexion can wear off this shade with style. This colour looks equally good with both curly and straight hair. With this shade, you can also style your hair in spikes to make the colour more evident while you walk. Try out this shade now!

  1. Deep Red Hair Shade

Deep red is a shade of burgundy that looks amazing with warm skin tones. With this hair shade, you can opt for short hair. This hair colour suits all skin tones and makes your hair appear thick and voluminous. It improves your hair texture and gives a shiny look to your tresses. Thus, you can go with this hair shade if you want to try something edgy and cool. Try out this not-so-regular hair colour now!

  1. Dark Brown Hair Shade

Want a natural look? This is your go-to shade. Dark Brown hair colour gives warmth to your hair. This hair shade comes with a tinge of caramel that enhances your appearance and complements your eye colour. If you decide to go with this hair colour, it is best to colour the tips to give your hair unmatched beauty. Grow your hair to some length and then go with this colour. This shade looks good on warm complexions and is great for full-length hair.

  1. Golden Blonde Hair Shade

Blonde is every woman’s go-to shade. We guess the same is the case with men as well! Gold is always attractive be it jewellery or a hair shade. This shade is best for fair complexions and light eyes. You can style your hair in the form of angled fauxhawk to make your new hair colour more evident. This hair colour is extremely amazing because it adds depth and dimension to your hair. Try this hair shade to give your hair a more natural and vibrant look.

  1. Green Hair Shade

We agree that this is not a regular shade but you can still try it! Green is an excellent option for men who like experimenting with shades. You can divide your hair into different sections and colour the topmost section in green to give yourself a unique look. You can also use various shades of green to add dimension to your hair. With this hair colour, you can style your hair in a faded black colour along the sides. Men with medium to dark complexions will slay the look with green hair shade.

  1. Blue Hair Shade

For men who don’t like experimenting with their looks, this colour is for you! Men who have a dark complexion are confused about which colour to go for! Blue is neither a dark nor a light shade. It goes well with every skin tone and blends effortlessly in your natural hair. If you are confused about which colour to go for, you can opt for a deep blue shade. This shade looks just like black, so you don’t have to worry about looking weird. Try out this shade if you wish to colour your hair without much effort.

  1. Black Hair Shade

Black is a classic shade that we don’t pay much attention to. Black is a shade that is used to cover your grey hair. But the best thing about black hair shade is that it can be blended with any colour. No matter what hair colour you choose to pair it up with, it will look good. You can also opt for black if you do not know which hair colour to choose.

So, these are the best hair colours for men that they can try and amp up their looks. Most of the shades in the list are classic shades that blend seamlessly with natural hair colours. These hair colours make your hair full of shine and make them look healthy.

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