Fashionable yet Modest Muslim Dresses for Women

Jake Blake

Islam advocates modesty as a sign of respect for oneself as well as for others. Islam holds women in high esteem and the dress codes that were dictated for them to follow were generally meant to guard their dignity and honor. The Muslim women by virtue of conditioning are quite happy to oblige to the dress code that includes covering herself up in such a way that she does not exhibit her beauty wantonly.  The hijab, burqa as well as the Abaya of the women were usually very dull and simple. But like all other things that have undergone revolutionary changes the Muslim women’s dressing trends have also changed in keeping with times. They are slowly opting for high fashion clothes that are colorful and designer wear, yet designed in line with the types of dresses they are used to wearing traditionally to exhibit their modesty as laid down in Islam.

Muslim dress for women

  The muslim dress women wear include

  • Hijab– This refers to either a square or a rectangular piece of cloth that is folded and placed over the head. It is usually fastened under the chin. This is somewhat like a It is also known by other names such as Shayla or tarhah depending on the style in which it is worn as well as the geographical location of the Muslim women.
  • Khimar– This is the head or face veil worn by Muslim women. This is a scarf that is worn in a particular style so that it not only covers the head or face but also the entire tophalf of a woman’s body down to the waist.
  • Abaya– This is a must wear for Muslim women in Saudi Arabia. It is a full head and face However, non-muslim women in Saudi Arabia are allowed to wear the abaya without having to cover their face. The Abaya is a cloak that is worn over the other clothing worn by the women when they venture out. The robe is usually made of synthetic fiber and is black in color. It could be plain or could feature sequins work or colored embroidery is usually fastened around the women.
  • Chador– it is an enveloping cloak from the top of the head to the ground. Unlike the abaya the chandor, most of the times are not fastened at the front.
  • Burqa- this is a cloak that covers almost all parts of the women’s body with even the eyes covered with a mesh screen.

Buying clothes online

The stores that sell muslim women dress online have revolutionized the basic Muslim pieces of fabric such as the hijab, Abayas, tunics, and Kaftans to develop modern fashion outfits that truly express the style quotient of the Muslim women while they still adhere to the dress codes laid down for them to follow.  The hijabs range from simple monochromatic hues to complex multi-colored fabric with even complex prints and beadwork.  You also have the trendy denim Abayas to make a fashion statement, You can expect most of these trendy outfits to be shipped on the same day. The dedicated customer service team will be able to help you out at any time of the day. You can enjoy special discounts and also avail cash on delivery option, however, depending on where you are located. The rewards points you earn on your purchases are indeed an added bonus.

Shop for trendy and modern Muslim women outfits online, to sport an all-new fashionable and modest look.

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