What are the Features of a Desktop PC?

Nick Clair

In these days of online education and work from home setups, it has become the new normal to provide students and professionals with a personal computer. This point is not to mention what you need for your business, whether they be a startup, small or established. But how do you choose among all types of desktop personal computers? Which is better?

Better is a relative word when it comes to choosing the type of computer you will use or buy. You must first understand the different features of a personal computer (PC), and identify what and how you will use the machine. Yes, Virginia, it is a machine, an electronic machine.

Del Desktop PC is known for its performance, balance in features and cost. It is no wonder it always comes up to the list of top and best desktops. Here is a guide on a good desktop pc:

  1. Desktop computers are designed to be stationary.

They are composed of several parts and components that give them the size they have for their power to perform a lot more tasks. They are not made to be portable or to be lugged wherever you want to go whenever you want. Although these computers are composed of several lightweight components, they are not for consistent movement. Online education and your business should keep you in one place anyway.

But, if you must transfer them to another site, take all the necessary precautions not to damage the computer tower, the monitor, and keyboard starting with wrapping them carefully and securely with foam, bubble wraps and encasing them in sturdy cardboard boxes.

  1. Desktop computers are easier to expand and upgrade.

Unlike laptops where some components like CPUs and graphics are mostly built-in, fixed and welded into it; it is easier for you to swap and upgrade almost all the components of a desktop computer including the motherboard, CPUs and graphics because they are easily detached or removed.

Computer specifications are constantly changing and upgrading; it is easier for you to level up with your desktops. Just ensure that you check your computer’s specifications each time you change components for compatibility.

  1. Battery life

As long as your computer is connected to a power supply, you have unlimited time to spend working or studying. And since desktops are made to be stationary, plugging should not be a problem. Ensure that you get voltage regulators for your computers for protection against power fluctuations. Just a tip, Del Desktop PCuses these steps to save on battery life:  Press “FN” plus “h” keys to turn off the hard drive. And press “FN” plus “Esc” keys to place the computer in standby mode.

  1. Repair

As earlier mentioned, parts and components of desktops are easily detached and removed. This feature makes it easier and cheaper to get desktops fixed and repaired. Also, parts and components are easily purchased off the shelf or online.

  1. Security

Due to its size and number of components, robbery or theft is relatively smaller than other types of computers.

  1. Price

Desktops are inexpensive at the onset. You can decide when to spend more money to upgrade or add more components and features as your budget becomes available or your need becomes urgent.


Technology is constantly evolving and catching up costs money. You do not want to be left behind or slow down, but you also do not want to constantly change computers to level up. Check your desktop specifications and upgrade according to your increasing needs.

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