Role Of A Student Council

Nick Clair

Students play the most important role in an institution since the entire point of an educational institution is to work for and through these children. Everyone has a unique role to play someone is a class representative, school captain, club leader, or member of the student council. Provided the opportunity, a student can hold a very prestigious position in a school environment and handle extreme responsibilities, while cooperating with others. Apart from being in a position of power, a student should also have certain rights to exercise if they are elected as an active member of a student council.

Council President

Every council has a presiding president elected either through common voting held by the entire school or as a medium of trust by teachers. Often, teachers also vote for student candidates to be the president. Before being elected, the child must promote themselves and have a proper relationship built with other students to get this support as a presidential candidate. After being elected, they must take all the decisions concerning a student council or school management software if the classes are still being held online.

Vice president

Mostly, the vice president is elected by the president to take up responsibility in their absence. They have the same powers and functions as that of a president and handle other activities that are not on the priority list but still important to undertake. The misconception about the vice president is that they function only in the absence of the president. They have other functions, such as taking decisions, directing committee members, etc.


Student secretaries keep a track of activities and decisions the council makes. Maintaining a record is necessary to ensure that every action is directed towards improving the standard and quality of the institution through and for the students. Some tasks include updating the class list, acting as a means of communication between various important members of the student council, corresponding with the requests of students and teachers, etc.


This is the only position that is not occupied by a student, but instead a teacher who takes up the role of informing the president and other important members about the situations they must act on. An advisor can also help students accomplish goals that go beyond their authority. All the powers of the members of the student council have been validated and proven effective by an advisor who acts as the voice of institution educators.


A treasurer is one of the most responsible people in the student council. They must be trustworthy and reliable because the entire task of handling the school budget distributing it and funding various activities such as sports, club events, extracurricular activities, etc are all decided according to the advice of the treasurer. They must hold meetings whenever they run low on the budget, to provide sufficient funding. Besides taking care of the funds, they also have the responsibility of fundraising either through students, their parents, teachers, or other means. Raising funds for a few events themselves teaches the student council independence and other soft skills.


We know that the secretary has to keep track of decisions and every other activity that goes on, inside the school council. But they still need a historian because of the increasing activities. Especially in digital classrooms held over LMS portals. LMS full form is a learning management system and a historian acts as a living backup to the secretary end the entire student council.

However, their task is a little more complicated than simply recording data. They also maintain a detailed account of which measures were useful for students, how they were able to overcome challenges in the past so that everyone can implement them later once again, etc.


Without the school committee, there would not exist a school council at all. The committee includes a set of responsible teachers who don’t interfere but look over the activities in the student council. At the beginning of every year, a school committee explains the objectives to the council and expects certain results at the end of the year.

A student council is extremely important to maintain and uphold the values of an institution and simultaneously act as a voice for the entire student body.

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