Clever Tips To Ensure That Your Home Wi-Fi Can Make Working From Home A Breeze

Nick Clair

Due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the government restrictions to avoid the spread of the virus, plenty of people had to adapt to the current changes and start working from home. It means that the internet setup in your house should be stronger than ever.

Working from home does not mean you have tasks to stress about since you are no longer working at the office. There are plenty of other hurdles that you need to face while working at the comfort of your home, which could affect your productivity. The very last item you want to be concerned with is the Wi-Fi signal that could act during a very important online meeting.

To make sure that you can rely on your internet setup during your most important days at work, here are several tricks that you can do to avoid dealing with intermittent Wi-Fi connection at home.

#1: Run Some Speed Tests

If you want to improve your internet setupby changing your home network, you need to know exactly your internet’s average speed by running some speed tests. It will let you have an idea about the weaker links in your internet connection.

There are plenty of free online speed tests that you can try out to help you run the speed tests. One of the most common speed tests that you can use for free is the Ookla Speediest. You will get the result of the speed test after several seconds.

#2: Inspect The Basics

If you want to stay in one place and work in the nearest possible location to your internet router, you must use a wired Ethernet connection to achieve the fastest speed possible. But if you need to be more mobile and have to move around the house while working, you must figure out which spots in the house have the weakest internet signal.

Before buying a Wi-Fi signal booster, you must try to reposition the router first to boost the connection. As much as possible, you need to place it in a high, open area. You may also reposition the antennas to boost the signal. It will also help if you change the router’s channel to ensure the best connection.

#3: Upgrade Your Router 

If none of the previous tips works, it might be the best time for you to upgrade your hardware. You may invest in plug-in range extenders that do not necessarily cost a lot of money. It would be ideal to pick a device made by the company that also manufactured the tier router to ensure its compatibility.

You may also replace your router as soon as possible, especially if it can no longer meet your needs. You may want to invest in multipoint mesh routers that include several range-extending devices.

Bonus Tip: Give More Importance To Your Work Traffic

Since most of your household members may be stuck at home with you, it is necessary to ensure that their internet usage will not affect your job. You may want to limit your kids from streaming or playing online games while you are in the middle of an important meeting. It would be best to tell them that they can play after work.

You could also try using a variety of frequency bands. As much as possible, you need to ensure that you are using a 5GHz band router to provide better internet inside the house. You may opt to split the bands to have a work-only band that you are not required to share with the others.

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