Weight Loss – Fat Loss Diet Mistakes to Avoid When Looking to Lose Weight

Sahil Arora

Diet to loss fat is one of the most searched for category today. Losing weight or fat in specific is not an easy task at all. There are a lot of body mechanisms involved that initiates fat loss and keeps it off. A proper diet with the intension to help losing fat is always possible, provided we have the right tools, intentions and the proper knowledge that is required to get started.

There are many fat loss diets available, and all claim to be effective, but in basic language, an effective fat loss diet is the one that incorporates healthy foods that you enjoy eating while keeping off the fat. Along with the numerous fat loss diets available there are some common mistake we all make while looking to lose weight.

Let’s understand these common mistake and make our fat loss regime a successful one by avoiding this mistakes:

  • Starvation

In our regime to lose weight quick and fast, this is one of the biggest mistake that most of us make. We turn to crash diets in the pursuit of quick and dramatic fat loss. All of it happens because we have a notion that starvation will drastically accelerate the process of weight loss. But, the truth is that when we stop eating the cortisol levels in the body rises sharply and it further results the body to start storing more fat and the process of metabolism to slow down.  Moreover, not consuming enough calories with make you feel energy less and miserable.

  • Aiming at Unrealistic Goals

It’s true that we all put in a lot of effort to lose weight, but at the same time we start expecting the impossible. We need to understand that weight or fat loss is a gradual process, and once you start experiencing its results, it is always good to lose a few pounds a week. One of the most common mistake we do is to expect huge loss in a short period and when we get the actual results, it de-motivates us and derails all our efforts so far.

  • Diets that forbid foods

In here, it is the diet program that you have opted for that is responsible. When you choose a diet that forbids you from having certain food group or groups (for e.g. proteins), the body begins to send wrong signals to the body. This encourages the starvation mode to be on and once you are through with your dietary regime, you start to overeat and in particular that food group that you have been avoiding all the while. Prefer and opt for diet that balances all food groups that in the long run becomes your habit.

  • Believe in the Hype

There are no shortcuts to permanent fat loss, though there are many diets and products in the market that claim it. There are no magic pills available in the market that could make you permanently slim. The magical formula is to select a well-balanced diet, follow it with dedication, stay motivated and become more active.

If you are one of them, who have tried a fat loss diet in the past and got no results, it could be high probabilities that you have committed one or multiple of these mistakes listed above. These are some of the most common ones that people make. Now, that you are aware, avoid them and you will for sure be on your way to a healthier and slimmer you.


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