6 Prominent Signs of Malnutrition

Jake Blake

Malnutrition is actually the deficiencies, imbalances in a person’s intake of nutrients. Mainly, this term entails 2 broad groups of conditions;

Under-nutrition: It includes low height for age, low weight for height, low weight for age and micronutrient deficiencies like lack of important vitamins and minerals.

Above-the-Line: It’s entails overweight, obesity and diet-related diseases for example stroke, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Due to Malnutrition, the human body is unable to carry out the regular activities properly. Or the other case might be that the food you eat doesn’t contain proper nutrient required for the body.

Form the medical perspective; one is suffering from malnutrition in case he/she loses about 5-10% of body weight within a span of 3-6 months without dieting/exercise. Doctors have notified through an online doctor app that there are few major signs of malnutrition as well, so let’s discuss it further;


In order to carry out the mandatory functions, your body requires a periodical supply of new red-blood cells. An individual suffering from anemia is often no Longer able to produce new red blood cells. Lack of nutrition is one of the primary reasons inducing anemia. With the quality of depleting RBCs, it becomes really difficult to distribute oxygen to the whole human body. Consequently, it triggers the weakness & exhaustion.


Since the malnutrition impacts on every function of your body, it diminishes the ability of your immune system to fight even common bacteria and viruses. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons as to why your body becomes vulnerable to all diseases that varying from common cold to dangerous life threatening diseases.

Depression & Mood Swings

When it comes to the nutrition, your brain happens to be the most affected part of your body. Since the nutrients are distributed to your whole body, the brain here places the highest bid. If your nutrition is not up to the mark, it’s your brain functions that would be affected. Consequently, it would all lead to the frequent mood swings and you know what the worst case would be! It’s depression.

Delayed Healing

Human body often heals depending on the intakes it often has. Again, we are talking about the nutrition. Your body loses itsability to heal itself internally as well as externally if the nutrition is not proper. In fact, it’s would slow down the healing process for external wounds. Moreover, if you internal healing process is damaged that’s often so, it would take much time in internal healing as well. It might even take longer to heal diseases like common cold and flu.

Skin and Hair

Nutrition cycle of your body is actually running on priority basis. For instance; the nutrients are fed to the internal system then the external one. Here comes the point when you recognize the significance of proper nutrition. Since you are suffering from malnutrition, the body is still running on the same priority function. It will simply deliver all the nutrients to the internal functions first. This will eventually leave your hair and skin at the top list of non-essential aspects for your daily functions. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why your hair and skin gets dry.


This might get worse at times. We don’t realize but here are many ways malnutrition can have a negative impact upon your body. You just need to make sure that you are regularly fueling yourself up with proper nutrients. Many times, the effects can even become unpredictable and also vary for each individual. People suffering from malnutrition are more likely to suffer from Diarrhea while others may even get affected by constipation.

In a nutshell, make sure that you get yourself a routine checkup by some nutritionist as these experts are trained enough to guide you better. Don’t ever underestimate your daily meals and avoid skipping breakfasts every day that it fuels your up with plethora of required nutrients.


Do you know what it’s important to get proper nutrition? Just check out the article now.

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