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 Introduction –

Infants need a healthy start regular check ups for kids. Physical health monitoring is an essential part of life from the time a baby is born. In the very first year of the baby, many challenges are borne by the parents and as well as the doctors. Tiny and budding new teeth, crawling and then eventually walking are few milestones that a parent has to cover during the very first year of the baby’s growth. During well-baby visits, our physician or pediatrician will check for proper growth and immunity of the body. The doctor will thoroughly examine what a baby needs during his infantancy. A proper and vigilant check is kept by both the doctor and the parent and an overall development.


Vaccines are a very important part of a new born. Vaccines prevent the child or the new born from various diseases in the long run. If the child is not properly and timely vaccine, it may cause problem to his/her health in future. Hence, vaccinations are done as soon as the baby is born.

Check – ups are important

“The first exam of the doctor’s check up should be when the child is just newly born and is between 24-48 hours.” Said by a renowned pediatrician Dr. Tanya Remer, MD, Altmann, a clinical instructor at Mattel Children’s Hospital in the U.S.

The later and further visits happen after when the child is discharged from the hospital. This visit typically happens at the 2nd week of the baby’s birth.

The rising cost of healthcare has put many questions on the welfare of the children. Many people who cannot afford monthly visits to the pediatrician has put the regular check ups at the backseat. That is the reason these days the children are not healthy. But this is a matter of grave concern. The hard truth is that no matter what, regular check up is a must for kids.

Prevention is better than cure –

Regular health check ups and tests are an important factor in the child’s welfare, growth and an overall development. This can help find any problem at an early age, if any. And at the same time can also find its treatment. By getting right health check up at regular intervals, doubt of any disease or problem is out of question. By getting right services, screenings, tests and medicines, one can prevent hazardous health symptoms.

Dental Care –

Along with regular health visits, it is advisable to take regular visits to the dentists also. It is during young age only when the child starts shedding its milk teeth and gets new teeth. Although it can be a tricky task to visit the dentist with the child, but is again an essential part of the health checks up. One may visit a dentist in the gap of 6 months or so.

Mental and Emotional Health –

 The doctor talks both about the parent and the child. It gives them a sense of child’s mental and emotional and social developments. A child’s mental, emotional and social awareness and developments are directly related to what his/her parents are teaching them. It is the parents’ duty to make a child well aware of his/her surroundings. But at the same time the doctor also tests the child’s mental and emotional developments. The doctor can see noticeable changes in the behavior of the child during his growth period, which a parent cannot see sometimes. The doctor can easily judge a child’s psychology during his growing years. The doctor also observes how the child and his parent interacts. The doctor sees how a child interacts with family members and with strangers. This way the doctor can observe how a child’s development is during the growing years.

 Conclusion –

We should also encourage othr oarents who are not versed or well aware about the doctor’s visit or regular check ups. It is a parent’s first and foremost duty to keep a check on the regular visits of their child by giving them proper care and proper vaccinations. Which are a boon for the children and our society.

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