How To Fix [Pii_Email_Acd77492efc0a21025eb] Error Code?

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We all use outlook to send or receive emails. It can be really easy to use outlook for general purposes. But sometimes, it gets tiresome and creates trouble for us. It works sometimes well, sometimes it gets trouble. There are multiple ways to solve this issue, users can wipe the cache partition of the Outlook or just by updating the Outlook app to solve the problem. These two methods work most of the time. If the issue still not resolving then the users can do the following tricks to resolve the [pii_email_acd77492efc0a21025eb].

One of the most common errors is the [pii_email_acd77492efc0a21025eb] error code, it does not permit the user to send an email or to open the emails that already exist. If you face [pii email 84e9c709276f599ab1e7], this means that your Outlook doesn’t function. Here are several hints that can also be used to solve the problem of an error code [pii_email_acd77492efc0a21025eb].

Why does the error code [pii_email_acd77492efc0a21025eb] usually occur?

There can be a plethora of reasons behind the occurrence of this error in Outlook. The vital reason is: –

1- Installation Problem: – In general you don’t see any issues in the perfectly built Outlook program.

2- Various e-mail accounts Signed-in: – There is usually no problem getting several accounts logging on your computer, but sometimes such mistakes will make it harder to send your email messages.

3- Cache and cookies: – Overtime a large body of cache and cookie files would have been stored on your machine by your web browser, which could cause this error on the Microsoft Outlook website.

How to get rid of the error code [pii_email_acd77492efc0a21025eb] outlook?

Here we will talk about different methods to resolute theissue [pii_email_acd77492efc0a21025eb]. These methods are genuine and tested multiple times. The following methods will fix the error in outlook.


The best way to correct any outlook error is by reinstalling the entire software of Outlook in the system. This will help the user to download and install a refined version of the software in the system. The most important thing is it will be free of bugs and malware.

The following steps will help the user to reinstall the full version of Outlook on the PC:-

  • First of all, the user will need to power on their PC/laptop and proceed to the control panel.
  • Go to the option “Apps and programs” and wait until the applications load on your computer.
  • Now the user will need to select the Microsoft Outlook program from all the available options.
  • To complete the operation, click on the “Uninstall” button and follow on-screen.
  • Now the user will need to go to the official website of Microsoft and find the outlook program and then proceed to download it.
  • When the file is downloaded to the PC, locate the location of the Outlook installation file and double click on it to start the process of the installation. Grant all the permissions and proceed further to finish the installation process.

After completing all the processes as prescribed, users won’t face any issue while sending an email from outlook because the clean installation of the outlook program wipes out all the bugs in the program.


Clearing the data of the outlook.

Many times, the reason behind the malfunction of Outlook is related to its data. There are chances that the trouble arising in the outlook with errorcode [pii_email_acd77492efc0a21025eb] is because of the cache and cookies that stay for a long time in the storage partition of Outlook and causes a malfunction in the program. Users can get rid of the error [pii_email_acd77492efc0a21025eb] by clearing unnecessary data from the outlook. Users must also check their internet connection. Sometimes poor internet connection leads to an error in Microsoft outlook and it stops functioning.


Antivirus or firewall in the PC

Many a time, the antivirus and firewall of the PC restrict certain programs. The restriction usually imposes because of the bugs and malware found in the Program. In the case of Outlook, if a certain email contains bugs or malware, then the firewall of the PC will automatically restrict the Outlook program from accessing the internet and that eventually causes errors in the outlook and users can’t able to send and receive emails. The error in the Outlook usually shows error code [pii_email_acd77492efc0a21025eb] in this case. Users must check into the antivirus or firewall program of the PC and verify the restricted connection of programs installed in the PC. Settings of antivirus and firewall must be carefully changed so that it can work as a wall against the bugs and malware in future too.


This method is pretty easy and works most of the time. The user will simply need to log out of his/her Outlook from the laptop/smartphone and wait for a while before logging in again. This process will override the previous cache and cookies of outlook and a fresh log-in will simply store new data from the server. Sometimes, simple methods solve big issues and with the help of these methods, users will get rid of the error code [pii_email_acd77492efc0a21025eb] in the outlook.


  • Users must have the latest version of OS with updated software on their PC. In case your PC is updated, then prevent this mistake, the user should have OS venison or Microsoft outlook on their PC.
  • The final measure to Repair this particular error code [pii_email_acd77492efc0a21025eb] by Eliminating the previously installed corrupt version of Outlook applications from the PC and try installing a fresh and latest version of Microsoft Outlook especially from Microsoft’s official website.


The way outlook obeys installation methodology with a different email account, could lead to the generation of error [pii_email_acd77492efc0a21025eb] error. The user will need to upgrade the outdated outlook application in the device then install Outlook’s new version on Microsoft Outlook’s official website. Users must use the upgraded version of the outlook or online edition of the outlook via the internet browser. Upgrade the actual version of your Microsoft Outlook.

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