Reviews Posted Online Are Biased

Sahil Arora

In the age of the internet, everything is browsed before buying; people want the product/service that is worth their spending. Thus, it is mandated to maintain your reputation in the vast but precise world which can find you wherever you are. Online reputation is a very vast thing; it includes website lookout, reviews, testimonials and social media profiles. On a large scale, however, online reputation is judged by online reviews only. According to a survey, 91 percent of people read online reviews in Site jabber or Indeed and around 84 percent completely believe in it. They decide by reading them only; yes, reviews posted are online important, but they are not the only medium to judge a service or product. 

It’s the world of competition, and there are people punching on your back; they influence the online reputation. There may be a case that reviews posted on various sites may be biased; they may be the result of some negative campaign or some other scenario. Thus, it is mandated to not judge a service/product by just reading 6-7 reviews. Kindly, go for other means also to judge the service provider.

Tech Observer reviews online can be considered a dual-edged sword. On one side, they could represent satisfied customers whereas some dissatisfied customers on the other side. Online reviews are biased; they are not completely genuine; they may be posted extremely or very lightly. Some views on the reviews posted online are as discussed:

  • You can’t please everyone: Yes, it’s right, you can’t please everyone. Reviews posted online are either of the customers who have extreme experience or customers who are completely satisfied. The medium pacers do not want to waste time on posting, thus the overall reputation is not maintained. Even the Great Wall of China was not saved by the negative online review.
  • Backbiters are always there: The immense competition has originated a few backbiters that tarnish your image by negative reviews. The negative campaigns are aligned that completely halt your image and lower the revenue.
  • Monetary incentive: Customers post a review if some loyalty points or monetary gain is implied. Lacking in both people do not go for posting. Tech Observer reviews online don’t provide monetary gain. Hence, the experience is not always posted on various mediums such as Indeed among other mediums.

Online reviews matter:

No matter which type (positive or negative) is posted, but they are important. Customers believe it at every level of society. Thus, it is important to maintain it; the ultimate solution is by bringing best in everything. Good deed suppresses negativity. It may be the case that good experience is not posted, or some negative campaign is there, or some unsatisfied customers are there. Thus, find out the means to generate more and more satisfied customer reviews.

The various means by which genuine reviews can be posted are:

  • Incentive program: Various review sites such as Glassdoor has initiated the program of giving some incentive in terms of some service or other for posting reviews online.
  • E-mail the customers: It is a good marketing tactic to mail customers after they are done with shopping or service experienced.
  • Helping community: It is seen that people post online reviews if some helping scenario is given, such as they are told to post a company review that may help other employees.

Conclusion: Online reviews are important because they are the main means for judging any company or service or product. Thus, it is mandated to maintain the reviews sites that will help the internet savvy customers that browse them before coming to you.

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