What Should You Look For When Going To A Lighting Store?

Nick Clair

Sydney has a very dynamic real estate market. New South Wales’s capital recently returned to a record high at the beginning of 2021, when the city’s median house price reached $1.03 million. But despite the expensive housing prices are often overlooked by the locals and others who want to live in the city. They can take advantage of the high employment opportunities in the city’s Central Business District and surrounding economic hubs. They also have plenty of parks and open spaces to rest and unwind. Sydneysiders are also treated with plenty of attractions to visit during their free time, including the famous Sydney Opera House.

Because of these advantages, the real estate market in Sydney continues to thrive. People continue to buy their houses in this part of Australia to start a budding career or build a family. While the houses usually cost a fortune, homeowners would still spend time beautifying their home to make it a pleasant place to live in. They would go to a lighting shop in Sydney to look for an attractive lighting fixture at home. But finding the right lights for residential property is not as easy as you expect it to be.

To help you look for the best products from a lighting shop, you need to remember these important tips when looking for lights to install in every room of the house.

Understand Your Options

Most people assumed that you could only put one type of light inside a room. But interior designers would often suggest to put together different lighting types and use them in layers to accentuate the room. You may choose from the three key types of indoor lighting. It includes:

  • Ambient light – More commonly referred to as general lighting, this type of light illuminates all areas of the room. This type of lighting often includes recessed lighting, wall-mounted lighting, and track lighting.
  • Accent light – You may use this type of light if you want to highlight a specific area of the room, like a piece of wall art or a specific decoration that you want to turn into a conversation piece. Some of the kinds of accent light you may find in a lighting shop in Sydney include track lighting, dimmers, wall-mounted fixtures, and picture lights.
  • Task light – Based on its name, task lights are meant to illuminate when you are doing a specific job. The types of task light you will find in stores include the pendant lights you may install at the kitchen island for cooking and the desk lamps on your work or study area.

Consider Your Layout

After knowing your different options for lighting fixtures, you should know where you can strategically place the lights to achieve their intended purpose.

For your entryway, you may use an overhead chandelier or a dramatic pendant light to brighten the area. Your living room will also look better if you place a rescued or track lighting all over the place to make it appear homely and inviting. You can install a larger pendant light or a bright chandelier to hang at the centre of the dining table for your dining room. On the other hand, the bedrooms may contain a single overhead light as the main source of illumination, then add table lamps on the dresser and the nightstands.

Ultimately, you must also consider the lights’ size and design when buying a fixture in a lighting shop. If your home in Sydney has high ceilings, you may look for larger, dangling chandeliers to accentuate a key part of the house. But if you have a smaller house to decorate, you need to look for a smaller and simpler design.

If you know what to look for in a lighting fixture, you will find plenty of options each time you head to the shop. It will let you find plenty of ideas to choose from if you want to fill your Sydney home with beautiful illuminations.

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