PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation and express something important


As we all know that the Prime Minister of our nation i.e. Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the nation today. Yes, you are hearing correct today that is October 20th, 2020, whosever don’t know about this can know about through this article. We are going to t=provide each and every detail on the fact that Mr. Narendra Modi clarified in the addressing of this nation. Have a look.

On October 20th, 2020 Mr. Narendra Modi came forward and discussed some of the important things with the nation. He says that the lockdown is over, but the deadly virus is still there. From these lines, Mr. Modi wants to say that people should move out and go here and there carelessly even after knowing about the virus. Furthermore, Narendra Modi says that the health of ours in our hands only. So, it is very much important for us to take care of everything. However, the lockdown has been opened but the people should be much more careful and should walk out of houses with full safety that too when necessary.

Probing further, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation today. Because according to reports, it has been found that people are nowadays carelessly moving out of their homes that too without any precautions. Narendra Modi says that this is so very wrong and wants to aware people to stay away from rushy areas during this festival season. Along with all this, he also said that if we will not take care of ourselves then we will not be able to win over this pandemic. So, it’s our duty to follow the norms properly even after knowing about the festivals. Hence, this is going to be the only way how we can prevent ourselves from this deadly virus.

From reports, it has also been found that this was the seventh address of Prime Minister to India to his nation. Reports claim that the Prime Minister is in favor of celebrating festivals. But against the fact the market to be bright. Because this can lead to problems for the nation, so better to stay home and stay safe from COVID. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi asked Mr. Modi till when they will throw the Chinese out from the Indian Territory. Hence, this is all.

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