Top 7 Secrets of Successful SEO Writing from Professionals

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Writing is a natural ability and very few people can master this skill. It is indeed an exceptional quality to be able to observe, conceptualize, and convey your ideas in the form of words.

Many possess writing as a skill and wish to make a living out of it turning it into their profession. For such people, web content writing is a lure. The demand for creative and competent people in the content writing field is increasing tremendously. Reputable SEO firms tend to hire individuals who can produce innovative and keyword-rich articles.

In this era of digital innovation, people resort to online resources for any sort of information they need. Everyone looks for content that is engaging, interactive, precise, and informative. So, how to succeed in SEO content writing? Do successful content writers follow any specific techniques to achieve success? Yes, they do.

If you aspire to become a professional writer and wish to improve your skills, here is how to become an SEO writer. These top 7 tips are the secrets that are followed by the professional SEO content writers.

  1. Start with an In-depth Research

Articles need to provide the necessary information readers are looking for. So, the more research you do before you start writing, the better it will be for your content. It is never a great idea to abstract all the information from a single source. The quality of your content might become questionable with this approach.

While doing your research, make sure that you do not lose the track of the actual topic. Sometimes, it is hard to find adequate information on a particular subject. If you come across this situation, you can include some other pieces of information you find relevant to the main subject-matter. This is where your creative skills are tested and you prove how skilful you are to keep your audience engaged with your content.

  1. Get your keyword research on

After all the effort you put in for writing an article, you might as well take the time to ensure thatyour article ranks on top results on Google search.

For this, you need to do keyword research and look for the keywords and phrases people are searching for. Get yourself informed on which key-words are competitive and in-demand. You can also make a keyword spreadsheet to keep track of the useful key-words. This will help you maintain a record of the times you work the keywords into your content.

There are accessible research tools to gain necessary information about the competitiveness of keywords. A fine PR tool can help you check the ranking of your target keywords.

  1. Put the keywords to work

There were times when just dumping keywords into your content was enough to make you an SEO content writer but the game has gone beyond this now.

While it’s still a useful technique to use your target keyword throughout your article, but unnecessary stuffing of articles with keyword won’t work anymore. To become a professional SEO writer you need to be tactical.

Your target keyword should be used in the title and first 300 words of your content. After that, you can try using variations of the target keyword.

Additionally, do not force your key-word in your content. Its use should seem natural to the reader and not be included in unusual ways.

  1. Does the Article Meet the Word Count Mandate?

Make sure that your article contains the required word count. It helps improve the ranking of your content and helps search engines highlight your article or blog.

Usually, the long blogs and articles catch better attention of the search engines. But, on the other hand, an article that is too long to read might scare the readers. So, make sure your article gives more valuable information to the reader and keeps them engaged.

Adequate word count increases the chances of your article being shown on top pages on search engine results while quality information keeps the audience engaged.

  1. Proper Edit and Proofreading is Vital

If writing content is an arduous task then proofreading and editing is even more major task. Every content needs a finishing touch to be perfect. So, you must take a discreet analysis of your article before publishing it

You need to make sure that your article has undergone thorough editing and proofreading and is free of plagiarism.

Your audience would not be attracted to your content if it contains grammatical errors. It declines the quality of your work. Hence, it is fundamental to SEO writing that the article or blog goes through proper proofreading and editing before it gets published.

  1. Know the basics of technical SEO

Having basic knowledge about technical SEO can help you become a successful SEO content writer.

The knowledge of how Google slinks pages and hands out link authority can help you devise a technique. Content writing is not just confined to writing a singular blog post. Rather it concerns writing and linking up several posts

If you have comprehension of how your blog is designed, you can help make your website more organized and streamline. It also helps to understand the means of optimization other than keywords.

Using small images, not stuffing your page with pop-ups, or simply being able to ensure that your articles are indexed are all skills anticipated from an SEO writer.

  1. Is there Enough Focus on Improvement in SEO Article Writing

Becoming a professional SEO article writer is a time taking process. It is not a skill that one can learn and improve overnight. You need to invest time in learning the basics of SEO and put to explore more about the SEO functioning and its improvising on the article or blog posts.

One can only polish their skills with practice and devotion. Therefore, it is important to keep working on articles regularly.


Successful SEO writing needs time and focus. Publishing informative and innovative content is an unremitting process. With thorough keyword research and its optimal use in your writing, you can become a professional SEO content writer.

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