Evolution of Customer Support for Entrepreneurs


When you dream of starting a business, you think of an idea. When the idea is fully generated, you start to develop its blueprint along with the list of challenges. Post this, you ensure to select the audience and plan things according to that. After doing all this, you sweat yourself out to develop the perfect app for the customers. The customers are beginning to buy the app and your dream has come real. You are lost in the joy of fulfilling your wish and suddenly your phone rings. The very first customer call is there. You are the first customer support agent for your business. You attend the call and resolve the issue thinking you are handling everything perfectly. Suddenly, another call comes and then another. More your product is sold, the more customer calls are expected.

You need to find an apt way to resolve customers’ issue without hampering the working of your business. Since you have just started, you don’t think an in-house facility for

the customer support would be a wise idea. So, you consider an outsourced customer support for your business. But, is it this simple?

Customer support outsourcing is a well-planned step to integrate a prominent service provider with your business. Outsourcing is never an impulsive decision. The evolution of your customer support goes hand in hand with your business’s growth. Business owners have been incorporating innovation into their customer support offerings so as to provide an appalling customer experience.

What started with few calls of customers attended by you in your small office can become as large as thousands of call each hour. You may be requiring a strategy and resources to take your customer support from being a toddler to be an ace in your business. This blog is all about how your customer support is going to take a step-by-step approach in compliance with your business’s performance.

Let’s start:

The first evolution: Knowledge records

Your product may have several attributes and each feature might work in a different manner. So, as a smart entrepreneur ensure to create a knowledge base for your business. It means for separate features create a ‘How-to’ guide and publish it on your blog and websites. Also, you can record the ‘how-to-use’ video and embed it on your webpage to ease the user’s experience with your product. This may be the first step for your customers to solve their doubts and issues. If the issue is yet not covered in the knowledge records then be ready for a call from the customer.

The second evolution: Craft an FAQ page

Now, your app is running well and you are acquiring more customers every day. As you know, more users lead to more number of phone calls and emails. These number of phone calls offer you a pattern of questions and queries. You can observe that there are questions and issues that are being asked repeatedly. Be smart and prepare a ‘how-to’ guide addressing the solutions to such issues. Add it to your knowledge base. Design an FAQ page for such questions so that the next time customers come up looking for answers, you are not disturbed, and instead, they can find it in your knowledge base.

Now, you are doing all this, still, your core business activities are also crucial for your business. What would you do now? You evolve more. Time to check the next step.

The third evolution: Get a support team

You have to be prude while making a decision here. Since you are an entrepreneur and still getting in pace with the latest developments, you could not afford to hire a customer support staff and rent a place for the same. It would cost you heavily. So, the second alternative is that you choose the AI support for your customer service. Hiring a robot to address your customers’ issue is viable to an extent as complex issues are off the limit in these cases.

So, the third alternative left is you get an reliable outsourced customer support for your business. Cost-effectiveness is the major beneficial aspect for you here. You can find a number of firms offering these services for business owners like you. First, you shortlist the vendor you want the support service to avail from and then get in touch with the service provider to discuss the terms. Make sure to be transparent and clear in the agreement you are signing. The outsourcing company has proficient experts who are trained and ready to jump on the business wagon with you so as to help you. It is recommended that you offer them a week or so to learn about your product and then change the customer-care number and email on your website.

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