Paytm hits back at Google says’ its brief ban was arm twisting


After two days, when the main application Paytm was taken down from Google Play Store. This payment firm Paytm mentioned down something in their new blog post. They said that this is a temporary ban from the android app store and it is very much arm twisting by the global search major. Stating its side of the story, Paytm claimed that Google not at gave Paytm an opportunity to explain its new cashback feature. The blog post stated that Google just came forward and made our application vanish from the Play Store we were not at all given any time for justification.

Furthermore, the blog posted stated that this will be familiar to all Indian internet companies since they are facing similar arm twisting and Google dominance over India’s digital ecosystem every day. Paytm also reiterated that it’s delisting from the Play Store was owing to the new cashback feature. This was the cashback feature that application was going to launch for its users on Friday. There is a bigger question that all the Indian startup ecosystem and developers should think about. As a startup, everyone is law-abiding businesses and building for India. Google and its rules and regulations are above the laws of the country. And are arbitrarily implementing them, Paytm said accusing Google.

On Friday morning Paytm said that it received an e-mail from Google stating that they are violating the rules. And for this, the app will temporarily vanish from the app store and people will not be able to make any download. Google claimed that the application is containing content that doesn’t comply with the Gambling policy. Hence, this is the only reason why it has been banned from the Google. But after some hours, Paytm gave the proper explanation to Google company and everything was back to normal. Probing further, Paytm is now accusing Google because they don’t give them even a single minute for proper explanation.

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