Google Play Store Removed Paytm for “unregulated gambling”

Google Play Store Removed Paytm

In Friday afternoon, recent updates are coming that Google Play Store has removed the Paytm application. Paytm has been pull down for regulating down unregulated gambling applications”. Ergo, these claims are found through a Google blog post.


Paytm is one of the most leading digital applications of India and is having more than 50 million monthly subscribers. Twitter users were the ones who first spotted that the Paytm application has vanish from the Play Store. However, Twitter said that all your money is safe, and you can continue using the Paytm application very normally. But the people who want to download the application will not be allow to do so.

Through a Google blog post, it has been found that the application was remove because of a few reasons. Google Play Store said that we don’t allow casinos/support any unregulated gambling apps. In addition, they said that we are not at all supporting people to play sports gambling games or other gambling games. Further, it includes that if applications lead to an external website that will allow them to participate in paid tournaments, etc. Hence, this is the only reason why Google Play Store has removed Paytm.

Google has not yet specified whether if any of the other applications have been removed for non-compliance on these grounds or not. Additionally, Google said that when any of the application violates these policies, it notifies the developer of the violation. Further, the app gets remove from the Google Play Store. And until the developer brings the app into compliance, it does not come back for downloading. But all the people using this application should not worry at all because they will not face any problem while using it.

Hence, to have more information about Paytm get in touch with us. We will provide you regular updates on Paytm vanishing from Google Play Store.

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