Reliance Jio and Google to become partners for launching smartphones in India


On Thursday, Reliance Jio announced that Google company has invested around 33, 737 crores in Jio platforms and Google is a stakeholder at Reliance Jio. Around 7.73% of shares at Reliance Jio are of Google.

Both Google and Reliance Jio are collaborating together to develop entry-level 4G and 5G smartphones in India only. This collaboration of Jio and Google has been done just after the increasing tensions of India and China, India and many more other countries have started boycotting China. Ergo, this is the only reason why India is thinking to make their own smartphones as each and every person cannot afford an iPhone, this is why the collaboration of both the companies is there.

Jio platform today has been a collaborative effort with Facebook investing around 43,574 crores for 9.99% shares and now has collaborated with Google. Google has informed to invest in the Reliance Jio Company not only for the development of smartphones in India but also to proliferate and nurture the digital economy of India. Earlier, Google announced that “Google for India Digitalization Fund” where the company promised to invest around 75, 000 crore into India’s digital economy over a span for the next five to seven years. They said that this is going to be done from the time of declaration until seven to five years.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google has said that I’m very much excited about this collaboration with the team of Reliance Jio. We are going to collaborate for focusing on the increased access for hundreds of millions of Indians who don’t have a smartphone with a better mobile experience. We are going to give the Indians a better experience of mobile. The main focus is to let the people access to the internet as well to make payments digitally even after boycotting the Chinese things. Mukesh Ambani the MD of Reliance Jio is in a speech to unfold that company is upgrading a total of 350 million Jio phones at affordable prices. The company’s fast collaboration is to speed up the process so that the Indians can directly switch down from 2G to 4G and 5G mobiles.

Lastly, we would like to say that this collaboration is going to be very much exciting for India. You just stay connected with us to have more and more details about all this.

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