Indian and Chinese commander having a level meeting on the border dispute


From the current updates, information came out that to reduce the tension going on the eastern border of Ladakh, military commanders of India and China are having a level meeting today. Significantly, it has been noted that Chine replaced its commander just before the meeting was there to be held. Ergo, the Indian border is monitored by the Western Theatre Command of China. Shu Chiling is now monitoring all the work and is deployed in the Chinese army whereas he previously severed Eastern Command. However, the Chinese army has not given any reason for the sudden change of the Chinese commander, people are seeking for the reason but no official reason for the change has been given by China.

Now, we want to tell you that the meeting was there to be held between the Indian and Chinese army. As per the announcement, the meeting was going to be started at 9 A.M. in the morning as fixed earlier but due to some reasons, it was not able to start at that time. The meeting started at around 11-11:30 A.M. in the morning and is still going on. In this meeting, Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, commander of 14 corps attended from India, he is very much concerned about reducing the tensions going on the border and considered that this is one of the most important meetings. Ergo, this meeting between both India and China took place at Chusul-Moldo-Border in Ladakh.

Jaidev Ranade, a Chinese affairs expert, has declared that this conversation with The Print that large scale Chinese military has deployed with the LAC is not at all possible without the approval of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Let us clarify that China has been there with the issue of COVID from so long this year but has not yet solved it out. Along with these protests against the Chinese nation are there taking place in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Therefore, there is a lot of pressure on Xi Jinping as his popularity decreased in China, and opposition also raised voices against him.

Ergo, China is taking an aggressive stance, let’s see what happens, what not? As the meeting is still going on. Stay connected to us to have more updates on India and China border tensions.

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