Getting Rid of Scars

Nick Clair

Scars can be annoying, not prone to be sighted and could be viably uncomfortable. In certain cases it can pose serious problems meaning limiting your range of motions. But if you have a bothersome scar there are natural and herbal remedies to take care of scars. If the scars are less you can opt for natural remedies in the form of onion extract or rosehip oil.

Opting for the best scar soap would suffice but you can discuss with your doctor about a host of aggressive options. In fact the extent of scars can be prevented if you are able to take care of wounds.

Opting for natural remedies

A daily treatment with the help of rosemary oil

Some evidence exists if you apply rosemary oil to your scar everyday over the duration of 6 weeks, would significantly contribute to the improvement of a scar. You might have to dilute the rosemary oil with a carrier oil be it coconut oil and you need to apply it for a couple of weeks till the point you notice significant improvements.

  • You can go on to find rosemary oil from a nearby store or can purchase online
  • No need to apply rosemary oil or any other oil directly on to your skin. This is going to cause irritation first and instead it is better to apply a moisturizer first
  • To 30 ml of carrier oil you need to be adding around 15 ml of water and then add 30 ml of rosemary oil. Discuss with your health care provider on what needs to be a proper dose.

Apply onion extract on the scar so as to soften it

Research does drive home the point that if you apply onion extract on the scar for 4 weeks it is going to soften the scar. Do go on to look for an over the counter medicine and clearly go through the instructions mentioned on the packaging to treat the scar

  • It is possible to purchase a pure liquid onion extract or an ointment incorporated with onion extract. If it is not available in your local pharmacies you can always search online

To your scars you need to apply vitamin E with caution

Till date the evidence showcasing the fact whether vitamin E can improve scars seems to be a mixed one. Most of the no scar soaps have vitamin E as part of their ingredients. Some research goes on to state that it is going to help whereas others are of the opinion it is going to cause irritation and do more harm than good. Discuss with your doctor on how to use vitamin E ointment in a proper manner and you need to follow the instructions on the pack in a proper manner.

You can start off the process by applying a thin layer of vitamin E on to your scar. If you are not having adverse reactions, slowly and steadily you can increase the amount. Do use it only as per the recommendations of your doctor.

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