Why Guavas are Good for Health

Nick Clair

Having a fruit everyday can actually help one to stay healthy. If one is following a nutritious diet on a regular basis then it is always advised to have at least one fresh fruit every day.

There are plenty of fruits available throughout the year. For fruit baskets delivered one can arrange an assortment of fruits before gifting it to anyone. One can also add guavas to it as it comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some ideas.

This fruit is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C. That is why; eating them on a regular basis, leads a human body to have a greater immunity system and so they can fight easily from outside infection and pollution. They protect the body from fever which happens due to seasonal changes and normal cough and cold.

This fruit is full of anti oxidants and that is why it neutralises the free radicals and in return prevent the growth of cancer cells in human body. It has a great effect when it comes to reducing prostate cancer. It also prevents the breast cell cancers to grow and spread.

This fruit is very good for those who are suffering from diabetes. Guava has fibres and glycemic index which controls the level of blood sugar in a human body. It regulates the sugar level and that is why; diabetic people are often recommended to have ripe guava juice.

Guava is a fruit which maintains the perfect balance of sodium and potassium in a human body. As a result, it can regulate the level of blood pressure in a human body. People who are suffering from hypertension can get benefited hugely by having guavas on regular basis. It also lowers the amount of triglycerides in body which in turn, lowers the risk of heart diseases. It also increases the amount of good cholesterol lowering the bad one.

As this fruit is rich in dietary fibres, it can be a good cure of constipations as well. This one helps in keeping the digestive system regular and normal keeping the metabolism rate proper. That is why; it is good for the health of the human stomach.

This fruit is also good for skin. Having guavas on a regular basis can treat allergies and acne problems. It also reduces the dark circles and irritation due to allergy patches that occur on screen due to infection.

Presence of Vitamin B and folic acid make this fruit good for pregnant women. This helps in making the nervous system strong of the developing baby inside and thus they face a less chance of suffering from neurological disorders.

A high amount of magnesium is present in guavas. It relaxes the nerves and muscles in a human body. Eating a guava regularly means it is a kind of stress buster.

Guava is good for eye health. This fruit has Vitamin A which improves the power of eyes and keeps the retina and cornea healthy.

For fruit gifts one can definitely go for guavas along with other fruits.

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