The Various Health Benefits Of Stevia

Sahil Arora

Stevia is mainly a plant, whose extract produces a natural sweetener. It is extremely sweet to taste, almost more than 10 times sweeter than the taste of refined sugar and people have been using this for many centuries now. In fact, this plant was mainly grown in Brazil and Paraguay, but now it is available almost anywhere and everywhere, mainly because of its great usage.

There are plenty of handpicked stevia suppliers in India so that if you so wish you can purchase this and include it in your diet as well. A lot of people are in fact incorporating stevia as a part of their diet and doing away with refined sugar altogether. Wondering why? Well, there are some immense health benefits that one can gain from stevia:

1. For starters, it is known that though stevia is a sweetener, its calorie content is so low that is counted as a zero calorie sweetener. Thus if you are trying to shed a few extra kilos, then it is absolutely essential that you ditch refined sugar and incorporate stevia into your diet which will surely be easier on your system which in turn will hasten the weight loss process.

2. Stevia is a boon for those who love something sweet but cannot have any because of diabetes. Since this is a natural sweetener you can use it anything that you want, like tea or coffee or even if you are planning on baking something sweet. You do not have to worry about your blood sugar level shooting up because stevia does not tamper with your sugar levels in any way. Hence a lot of people who do have diabetes have been medically prescribed to use stevia extract if they have to have something sweet.

3. It has been seen that incorporating stevia into your children’s diet helps as well. It is important to remember that children like to gorge on sweets and fizzy drinks. So if you opt for the ones which come with natural stevia extract, it brings down the chances of obesity and helps in properly maintaining your child’s diet as well without hurting the metabolism. It is very important for you to make sure that your child is eating right from a very young age and this is a healthy habit which they can maintain for the rest of their lives.

4. There are some varieties of glycosides that are present in stevia extracts. These are extremely helpful in bringing down high blood pressure since they are known to lead to the dilation of blood vessels. So, if you have high blood pressure, you can try switching to stevia extract liquid.

5. And finally, stevia is full of antioxidants. When pumped up right with these antioxidants, there is always a chance that this will reduce any tendency that you might have when it comes to developing pancreatic cancer. So, this can be used as a precautionary measure.

When used in moderate quantities, there is hardly a better natural substitute to refined sugar. The numerous health benefits of stevia make it a must for anyone who wishes to lead a healthy life.

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