How To Recognize Real THC Cartridge Before Buying It?

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In the past year, cannabis vape pens have become incredibly popular as a discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis. THC oil cartridges are one of the most common types of vape pens. These are small plastic containers that pair a pre-filled cartridge with a battery. Vape pens come in all diverse shapes and sizes, with different features and functions.

However, there are a lot of dodgy copycat products on the market, so consumers need to understand what makes a suitable ‘authentic’ THC cartridge. Many fakes are out there – some even contain dangerous chemicals and additives. Knowing how to recognize these details will help keep your safety in mind before buying any THC carts.

What’s In A Genuine THC Cartridge?

A genuine THC cartridge will contain only three to five ingredients, including – Oil – THC oil is the liquid extracted from the cannabis plant. This oil contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes that provide the medical benefits associated with cannabis use.

Propylene Glycol (PG) – PG is a thickening agent that helps regulate oil flow and stabilize the THC content. It is also frequently used as a food additive and preservative.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – VG is a sweet-tasting liquid extracted from vegetables, like soybeans. It is also used as a food additive, as well as in cosmetics and topical ointments. Vegetable oil acts as a lubricant and allows the other ingredients to flow correctly.

How To Recognize A Fake THC Cartridge?

If the cartridge is more expensive than the others, it’s probably not a genuine THC cartridge. Original cartridges average between $15 and $20, but there are $70 and $80 cartridges on the market. Fake THC cartridges will often have a different color.

Genuine cartridges will appear creamy yellow or light brown, whereas fake will often be more orange or amber-colored. If the cartridge is translucent or transparent, it’s probably not a genuine cartridge. Genuine THC cartridges will be a darker yellow or brown color, with a slightly translucent appearance.

If you see a cartridge labeled as “pure THC” or “100% compound”, it’s probably not genuine. THC is not an ingredient that is used in the manufacturing of vape cartridges. If the device doesn’t come with a charger, it’s probably not genuine.

Genuine THC cartridges will be packaged with a charger that plugs into a USB port. If a device doesn’t come with a charger, it’s probably not a genuine product.

If the cartridge doesn’t come with a “lot number,” it’s probably not a genuine cartridge. A lot number is a unique identification number that manufacturers use to track the product. If a cartridge doesn’t have a lot number, it’s probably not a genuine product.

How To Recognize Real THC Cartridge Before Buying It Test For Authentic THC Cartridges

⦁ If you believe that the cartridge you’ve purchased is not a genuine product, test it using water and a UV light. If the cartridge is authentic, it should dissolve in water after 30 seconds.

⦁ If you shine a UV light on the liquid, you should not see any color change. If the cartridge is authentic, the water should appear clear.

⦁ If the cartridge is a fake product, it will not dissolve in water, and the UV light will show a “false positive,” as the liquid will appear to change color.

⦁ Remember, it’s essential to understand that no test will give you 100% certainty that a cartridge is authentic. However, these tests can help you to identify the majority of fake THC cartridges.

Importance Of Using An Authentic Vape Cartridge

An authentic vape cartridge is essential for several reasons. First, an original vape cartridge means that the vape cartridge is made of high-quality materials. An authentic vape cartridge will be made of FDA-approved materials, so there’s no risk you’ll receive a dangerous or toxic pen or e-liquid.

The authenticity of a vape cartridge also means that the vape cartridge is safe to use with your vaporizer. Using an authentic vape cartridge, you won’t risk burning your mouth when you try to inhale through the atomizer. If you like to enjoy vaping without any risk, it’s crucial that you only buy an authentic vape cartridge.

Dangers Of Fake THC Cartridges

Fake THC cartridges are a hazardous product. Many contain harmful chemicals and additives, including:
⦁ Acetone is a toxic chemical sometimes used as a solvent and can be extremely harmful when inhaled.
⦁ asphalt product used as a binder to improve the texture of the oil and make it seem thicker.
⦁ Sulfuric acid is often used in synthetic cannabinoids.
⦁ This petroleum wax is sometimes used to manufacture fake THC cartridges.
⦁ This toxic adhesive often contains solvents and acetone.
⦁ Roofing tar is a black, sticky substance often used to seal the inside of the cartridge.

Legality Of THC Vape Cartridge

THC vape cartridges are one of the most prevalent ways to consume cannabis. They’re discreet, easy to use, and convenient. But there’s a lot of confusion about their legality. That’s because they’re technically vape pens and are still federally illegal. So while they’re perfectly legal in most states, you need to be careful not to buy from an unknown source or risk getting into trouble.

The good news is that it’s doubtful that anyone will arrest you for vaping marijuana. The problem is enforcement — not legalization. If you get caught with a THC vape pen, your best bet is to avoid jail time and at least have the charges dismissed if you have a clean criminal record.


There is a lot of dodgy business in the cannabis industry, making it difficult for consumers to find authentic products. However, understanding what to look for in a genuine THC cartridge will help you to avoid the most common fake products on the market. Remember that these tests are not 100% accurate, so you must keep your safety in mind when purchasing any THC cartridge.

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