Fire outbreak in Delhi, Kirti Nagar, no causalities reported


In between the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, there is again bad news from Delhi, Kriti Nagar. Recently, it has been reported that a massive fire outbreak took place near Chuna Bhatti slum area. Hence, this was an incident that took place in the national capital of India on Thursday. As soon as the fire lashed more than two dozens fire officers were rushed to the place of incident and they handled the situation. After the fire officers came to the spot everything got under control and no casualties were reported that means each and every person living over there is totally fit and fine.

The massive fire outbreak in Delhi, in between the pandemic COVID-19 took place at around 11:20 P.M. The fire officers told that they got the information after the fire broke out and within 10 to 15 minutes they reached the spot and brought everything under control. Therefore, it has been noted that around 45 vehicles are engaged in this fire fighting operation. Ergo, the fire is under control and no casualties were reported. This is all about the incident of a fire outbreak at Delhi, Kirti Nagar. Further details about this incident are still awaited.

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