Features and Interesting facts about Air India One Boeing 777-300


From the recent updates, it has been found that two Boeing planes are going to serve as Air India One. They are going to arrive soon but now the question arises what are the features and strengths of these planes? Refer to this article, if you want to have detailed information about Air India One Boeing 777-300.

India is all set to receive two wide-bodied Boeing 777-300ERs to serve as new VIP transport for the President, Vice-President as well as Prime Minister. Both of these new jets are going to arrive this year in July 2020 and are a replacement of aging 747s that have hitherto served as Air India One. Air India is not only a plane but rather a call sign for any plane with the President, Vice President, or Prime Minister on board. Ergo, it has been noted that Boeing 777s being fitted with advanced defense systems and Air India likely to be sold off. It is entirely possible and is going to be operated by IAF (Indian Air Force). But this is not yet confirmed by the government. Have a look to know the features of Air India One Boeing 777-300.

  1. The advance defense system of this plane will call for the training of pilots under IAF instructions. Traditionally, Air India pilots have been flying Air India one planes.
  2. The planes manufactured at Boeing’s facility in Dallas (USA) are retrofitted with advanced military defense systems and a reconfigured cabin.
  3. For security purposes, the government has opted for state-of-the-art military defense systems to be fitted into those planes.
  4. The new Air India One 777, likely modeled after the USA’s own Air Force One is going to be secured from now.
  5. The planes are also going to have advanced electronic warfare suites. Therefore, this is a feature that will enable the plane not only to fend off an attack but take countermeasures in case of an attack.

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