Pakistani Fighter Jet F-16 shot down by the Indian Air Force

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According to the updates, Indian Air Force and Pakistan Air Force are on a tight fight.

Yesterday morning, at 3:53 A.M. IAF started a surgical strike. The jets of IAF throw down bombs at the terrorist’s base camps. This surgical strike was very much successful and approx. 300 to 350 terrorists were killed in this surgical strike 2.0. From the recent updates, Prime Minister of Pak (Imran Khan) said India did wrong to us. He said that Pak will retaliate now. After getting these news border areas were on high alert.

About the surgical strike: Yesterday around 3:53 the Indian Air Force crossed the LoC and started a fight. According to the updates, 12 Aircraft crossed the border and started dropping bombs in the terrorist based camp of Masood Azhar (the founder and chief of Jeish-e-Mohammed). Approximately, 300 to 35 terrorists were killed in by the IAF team.

The undercover agencies said that the Pakistani President helped the terrorist of Jeish-e-Mohammad in escaping. Five of the terrorist’s heads are also killed in this Surgical Strike 2.0.

On Wednesday, 27 February 2019 Pak troops started heavy firing in the LoC in Rajouri and Poonch districts, the Indian Army also retaliated to the Pakistani firing which resulted in a lot of damage. As per the news, it is found that one of Pakistani Air Force F-16 is shot down by IAF very badly in Rajouri and Poonch.

Pak jet shot down by the Indian Air Force: According to the senior officials, it has been found that on Wednesday Pakistani fighter jets entered in Jammu and Kashmir. After which Pakistani fighter jets dropped bombs. According to the recent updates, it is found that the IAF also started to retaliate. After the IAF started retaliatory firing a Pakistani fighter jet was shot down named as F-16.

When the Pakistani jets were returning back the Indian Air Force started retaliating and in that retaliatory fire, Pakistani et F-16 was shot down. According to the news agency, a parachute of PAF was going down, the news team said that the condition of the pilot is unknown.

Reviews of people: People of Indian are very much happy for this surgical strike 2.0. According to the updates, the people of India are burning crackers to show their happiness. All the celebs and famous personalities are also happy with this Surgical Operation of the IAF team.

Tweets of famous personalities

Mr. Narendra Modi tweeted that I promised my mother nation that the sacrifice of the CRPF soldiers will not go like this. JAI HIND! JAI BHARAT MATA. These are the tweets of the Prime Minister of India.

Akshay Kumar: Akshay Kumar tweeted that IAF has done a great job. He tweeted that the Indian Air Force has played very well in this fight. Jai Hind!! Jai Bharat.

Salman Khan: He also tweeted that the sacrifice of the soldiers has not gone like this. Thanks to the IAF team who did a very great job to finish the terrorist base camp.


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