COVID-19 drug has been launched by Glenmark at Rs 103 per tablet


FabiFlu is going to be the first oral Favipiravir approved medication for the deadly disease COVID-19. Ergo, this is information that was given by the officials in an interview. They said that Faipiravir is going to be the first medication for COVID-19 in the nation India. Doctors are saying that this is going to one of the best medicine for the treatment of COVID-19 and is going to come in the market in the next few months.

Recently, through the information, it has been found that the experts on Saturdays cautioned against seeing Favipiravir as a “magic bullet” for the treatment of COVID-19. Experts told that this medicine is going to be very much helpful for each and every person suffering from this pandemic outbreak of COVID and also claimed that this is orally administrated medication and will help in reducing the viral load.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals said that they have launched this Favipiravir medicine under the brand name FabiFlu. Therefore, they have said that this medicine can be used for the treatment of patients having mild to moderate symptoms of COVID. Hence, this medicine of COVID-19 is going to be very much affordable with a price of about Rs 103 only per tablet. Furthermore, you will feel good to know that several years back this drug was used by the people of Japan for the treatment of influenza and now they have been using it against COVID-19 patients as well. Even China was using this medicine and in the month of May Russia also got approval to use this medicine.

Favipiravir is not a medicine that is specific for COVID-19 but was being used for the treatment of influenza. Dr. Vikas Maurya, Director, Department of Pulmonology, and Sleep Disorder said this in an interview. He further said that my studies are showing that this drug can be a bit effective in the COVID treatment that is why we can use it out, till the time a big vaccine comes out. Hence, this is relieving news for the people of India. So many other doctors are saying that there are many other medicines as well that can be effective but Favipiravir can be one of the best to reduce the virus in the body.

Therefore, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is the first company of India that has initiated the three-phase clinical trials of Favipiravir for COVID-19 patients. #Stay Home #Stay Safe

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