Carry Minati’s new video hits two million likes in just one hour


From the coming updates, it has been found that a new video of Carry Minati making assumptions got around two million likes. This was a video in which Carry Minati was saying that he doesn’t know the exact reason why his video got removed from YouTube.

Last week, Carry Minati a 16-year-old boy posted a video roasting Tiktokers and it was especially targeting Amir Siddiqui. Moreover, this was the roast video that got around 32 million likes in just two days but a few days ago this video got deleted from the internet because YouTube found it violating the rules of this social media platform. Hence, this is why the video got deleted.

But today at around 4 P.M. Carry Minati posted one video in which he was saying that I don’t know the reason why YouTube found my video very much violating. He also said that I posted this kind of video earlier also but this never happened. In addition, he said that this was going to be the first viral funny video with topmost likes, that’s why it got deleted. Furthermore, he said that if people will convert my Hindi slangs into English then definitely the meaning will change and this is the only reason that my video looked more violating. Additionally, he said that I did not target only one person, I was targeting the social media platform that is Tiktok. But still, it got deleted, I don’t know what wrong I did, this is so unfair.

Therefore, this is the latest video of Carry Minati making assumptions about the removal of his previous video and it has been found that this video got 2 million likes in just 1 to 2 hours only.

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