7 apps similar to Tiktok that are very much interesting and good to become popular


What is Tiktok? Tiktok can be referred to as one of the fastest grown social media app as well as a memorable app that has come and gone. Therefore, this was one of the most famous apps in existence until now and was previously known as musically. But now no one can download this video editing or shooting app because of the growing tensions between India and China. Through the help of this article, you are going to know about 7 apps that are very much similar to Tiktok, have a look to know about them.

  1. Lomotif-

This is a Tiktok like an app that was launched for iOS only but made its way through android. The functioning of this app is very much similar to Tiktok, you can easily edit the videos, shoot them, zoom them, and enhance them by music and many more other things. Moreover, there are a plethora of filters that can be used by people to enhance their beauty as well as will help in attracting a fan base. This an app through which people can easily make videos and become famous by gaining so many followers and friends. Try this app to enjoy making videos.

  1. Cheez-

This is another app that is similar to Tiktok, with the help of this app you can easily do vlogging as well as many more things. There are so many background music, peppy filter, etc. that will help you out in having good videos. Furthermore, this is an app that will reward you, if you are talented and love to make videos. Along with this, you will also get rewarded if you love to watch videos instead of making them. Just try this app to know more and more in detail.

  1. Vigo Video-

This is again an app through which people can make videos, edit them, and get famous. The videos that people make through this app are of 15 seconds only, most of the videos uploaded here are the funny ones. if you are talented in any kind of field then you can easily showcase your talent over here. Ergo, the filters that can be used by you are endless. Download this app and get minting, we are definitely sure that you will enjoy using this app.

  1. Like-

Like is another video app that is gaining popularity slowly and slowly just because of the more number of people downloading it. It is very much similar to Tiktok, you will have o lipsync and make videos over there. You can also showcase your talent by making videos in your own voice as well. Furthermore, you can make slow-motion videos or slow up videos as well. The only problem that people can face with this app is that you can’t go live on through like otherwise this is one of the perfect apps that people can use.

  1. Kwai-

Kwai is also an app similar to Tiktok, the meaning of Kwai is cute in Japanese and this application is very much similar to its name. Just like the word Kwai you can make cute videos by lipsync your favorite dialogues, music, and many more. This application is also having a reward system for the number of followers you have the number of rewards you will gain. This application is available for both iOS and Android mobiles and this can be the perfect alternative if you are looking for Tiktok like the app. Hence, this app is not going to disappoint you at all.

  1. Firework-

This is again an application that is doing great and unique for you. The functions of this app are very much similar to Tiktok, people can make videos, share them, and can gain popularity as well. Moreover, it is very crucial to make trending videos here as well. So, if you are having unique skills or talent then go and use out this app.

  1. Dubsmash-

Dubsmash is another app that can be used by people to make videos, this was the first app that was known by the people. With the help of this app, you can in-built thousands of videos and become popular in the world full of personalities. It is not very fancy but can be used by people for entertainment and becoming famous as well. Hence, returning to basics can sometimes be referred to as the best thing. So, if you are bored of using Tiktok then just go and use Dubsmash.

Therefore, this is all to have more information regarding all this, let us know in the comments below. Hence, stay connected with us to have such exciting articles.

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