What Does S Mean On Snapchat? Everything You Need To Know

Nick Clair
what does s mean on snapchat? everything you need to know

Snapchat has got much popularity in recent years & became one of the most loved apps around the world. Snapchat is a kind of messaging app that allows the user to send and receive videos and photos. With the help of this app, you will be able to use the best editing camera system which makes your photos and videos more interesting as per your choice. A lot of questions are circulating about the “S” letter which is being used by Snapchat for many moments. So now here we will try to share the answer about what is the meaning of “S” and What does “S” mean on Snapchat. 

S > Send, Save, Snaps 

“S” is also referred to as the “send” word. Through the end, we can send any message, photo, or video to anyone. We can use it as the word for “send”.

“S” also stands for saving. This function allows the user to save their photos, videos, and messages and also to use them afterward. 

“S” Snap works as a symbol of the picture. Through the snap, we can send short messages which we primarily call snapshots.


On Snapchat, we refer to short messages and snapshots. This primary function allows you to send messages, photos, or videos to anyone. Apart from that, you will also have a great option to click or capture the moment you love to share with anyone. You will be able to save the photos or videos if you want, and share them whenever according to your preferred time. “S” is referred to as the symbol of send in Snapchat which is used as a tool to send messages, photos, or videos, and that moment “S” represents the act of sending.

App renamed:-

In the initial years, the real name of Snapchat was “The Snaps app”. Later on, it was changed from The Snaps app to Snapchat S. The decision was taken by makers and developers of the app after its rising popularity among people. This app was renamed many times from “The Snaps app” to “Snapchat for iPhone” in 2016 they were renamed again. In 2017, the “Snapchat” app was renamed one more time (probably last) as “Snapchat S” Now we know this app as “Snapchat S”.  Snapchat is a much more user-friendly app as compared to contemporary messaging apps. This is the biggest reason why the “Snapchat S” app became more popular in a few years & people started to prefer it over other social apps and tried to get to know what does s mean on snapchat

Popular Snapchat features:- 

  1. One of the stupendous futures in Snapchat is that you can save your snaps. You will have the option to save your message, photo, and video to use later on. 
  2. It provides the easiest way to send photos, All you need is to hit send. It’s too quick And very easy, you don’t need to spend much to click something through the Snapchat camera. 
  3. This app has been primarily built for messaging systems so that it allows its users to send quick messages, photos, or videos. Snapchat’s camera is unique and it renders you a diverse range of filters to edit your photos and videos. 
  4. The snaps on Snapchat are the optimum way to let your friends and family know about your whereabouts and day-to-day activities. Perhaps, it is also the most preferred dating app.

There are uncountable things on Snapchat and that’s why people love to use it. The big thing about this app is that you don’t need to invest much to learn how to use it. The Devs have made this app user-friendly and fun to use. So, after downloading the app, you just need to create an account and you will be able to use this app in a simple way and without any extra guidance.  

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