5 Tips in Making Corporate Videos for Business

Nick Clair

Video is an effective marketing strategy for businesses to attract more customers. Thus it is important to make a corporate video that showcases the company’s brand.

Many business owners create a brand video without proper knowledge, and most of them are not heading in the right direction. With this in mind, it would be great to learn how to properly make an effective corporate video for businesses according to one of the most reliable corporate video production companies in Singapore.

Video production companies in Singapore are a big industry. Video production companies contributed hugely to Singapore’s 7.8-billion dollar 2018 revenue. Video production companies that also produce films make up 20.8 per cent of the entire media revenue.

The World Bank considered Singapore as the best country to open up a business in the past decade. Establishing a brand and earning the consumers’ trust is quite difficult unless businesses know how to capture their interest and attention through their corporate videos.

Currently, there are around 400,000 registered companies in Singapore. To help businesses who want to get an edge over their competitors, here are some essential tips on making a corporate video that will capture the attention of the viewers.

  1. It All Starts With Planning

Through planning, businesses can make better corporate videos for their brand. Conceptualizing a video is not easy, which is why it helps if many heads get involved in the brainstorming process.

  1. Think of the Customers’ Benefits

Successful corporate videos help customers understand what the brand is offering. It helps them understand the benefits they can get through the corporate video. Businesses should create a corporate video that is informative. It should show customers what benefits they can get from the product they are offering.

  1. Create a Perfect Script

A good script and storyboard put concepts on paper. It is the best way to visualize these ideas for customers to understand the main goal of the video.

A good script or storyboard shows the sequence of the story and is very useful for the production team so they can bring the story to life. Creating a good script is a pre-production strategy that is used by corporate video production companies in Singapore.

  1. Set a Pace That Ends With an Inspiring Conclusion

Visuals and special effects are useless when the video fails to convey its message and engage its viewers. So, before establishing the visuals of the video, make sure to build a pace that captures the viewer’s attention right away.

Ensure that the video will be able to communicate with its viewers by having a beginning, middle, and conclusion. By having this, it keeps the viewers watching the video throughout.

  1. Publish the Video at the Proper Marketing Channels

Customers interact with videos in different ways. Where the video is published will matter. For example, if a business creates a cooking tutorial video for their product, they must choose social platforms that echoes their same interest and relevance to grab the audience’s attention.

Also, it would be great to optimize the video’s titles, call-to-actions, and descriptions properly for SEO.

Similar to other business strategies, a corporate video should also get equal attention. Considering that this marketing strategy also costs big, it would be best to hire professionals in video production. It is because they are the ones who have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise in creating high-quality corporate videos that will fit in all the ideas harmoniously for a business.

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